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Establishment of the Manpower Development Committee


Date of sitting: 29 May 2002

Asked by: Hon LI Fung-ying

Replied by: SEM


It has been learnt that the Education and Manpower Bureau has already redeployed some staff from the Vocational Training Council ("VTC") to undertake work on setting up the Manpower Development Committee ("MDC"). In this connection, will the Government inform this Council :

  1. whether MDC is expected to be set up within this year; if so, of the persons who will be invited to sit on MDC; if not, the reasons for that;

  2. whether the day-to-day operation of VTC has been affected by such redeployment; and

  3. of the posting for the staff concerned upon the formal establishment of MDC?


Madam President:

  1. The Manpower Development Committee ("MDC") is not expected to be set up within this year. The original intention was to set it up in April 2003 following the establishment of a Preparatory Committee in early 2002. However, due to staffing constraints, there has been a delay in the original schedule. The current plan is to set up a Preparatory Committee around mid 2002 to pave the way for the MDC to be established. On the basis of this timing, the MDC is likely to be formed some time in late 2003 or early 2004 to provide time for the Preparatory Committee to complete its work. The composition of the MDC has yet to be decided.

  2. Currently, we have seconded one staff from the Vocational Training Council ("VTC") to assist in the preparatory work for setting up the MDC. This arrangement has not affected the day-to-day operation of VTC.

  3. Upon the formal establishment of MDC, the staff concerned will be posted back to VTC.
Last revision date: 29 May 2002
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