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Labour Department's placement work for Mainland jobs


Date of sitting: 6 March 2002

Asked by: Hon YEUNG Yiu-chung

Replied by: SEM


At the job centres of the Labour Department ("LD"), job seekers can register their applications for vacancies in the Mainland. It is learnt that LD is designing a new website to provide more information to Hong Kong residents who intend to look for jobs in the Mainland. In this connection, will the Government inform this Council:

  1. of the reasons for not yet implementing the abovof the number of vacancies in the Mainland registered with LD over the past five years, and the trades that offered most of these posts;

  2. when the new website will be launched; and

  3. of the reason for not considering expanding the contents of LD's existing website in order to save resources?


Madam President:

  1. According to the registration records of the Labour Department (LD) in 1999, 2000 and 2001, there were 1 160, 1 018 and 972 vacancies respectively put up by Hong Kong employers which required their local employees to travel to or work in the Mainland. These vacancies mainly came from the electronics manufacturing industry and import/export trades. Figures for the years before 1999 are not available.

  2. To assist those who are interested in taking up employment in the Mainland, LD plans to establish in April this year a special web page in its Interactive Employment Service Website which will provide the following information:-

    1. contact telephone numbers and addresses of Hong Kong registered employment agencies that have business in the Mainland, and their fields of specialization;

    2. first hand experience and views on employment opportunities in the Mainland shared by the Human Resources Managers of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management;

    3. information on Mainland's employment-related regulations gathered by the Office of the HKSAR Government in Beijing, including the procedures for applying for employment permit and temporary residence and the taxation system; and

    4. egistered vacancies put up by Hong Kong employers requiring local employees to travel to or work in the Mainland.

  3. The special web page to be set up by LD will be incorporated in the existing Interactive Employment Service Website to strengthen its content.
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