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General situation and future of village schools


Date of sitting: 9.10.2002

Asked by: Hon YEUNG Yiu-chung

Replied by: SEM


Will the Government inform this Council of :

  1. the numbers of students enrolled in village schools over the territory and, among them, the numbers of cross-boundary students from the Mainland who attended schools in Hong Kong in each of the past five years;

  2. the general situation of village schools at present, including the number of teachers, teacher-student ratio, number of students per class, school facilities, expenditure, operating cost analysis and school performance etc.; and

  3. the policy for village school development, and whether adjustment will be made to this policy in the future; if so, of the details; if not, the reasons for that?


Madam President:

  1. In the past 5 years, the numbers of students enrolled in village schools in the territory are:

    11 542 (September 1997)
    13 482 (September 1998)
    14 909 (September 1999)
    15 003 (September 2000)
    13 593 (September 2001)

     The numbers of cross-boundary students from the Mainland who attended schools (including all schools) in Hong Kong in the past two years are shown in the table below:

      1997/98 - 1999/00
    School Year
    School Year
    School Year
    Kindergarten Not available 524 622
    Primary School Not available 2,446 2,514
    Secondary School Not available 404 409
    Total Not applicable 3,374 3,545


  2. At present, in each village school on the average, the number of teachers is 10.7, teacher-student ratio is 1:11.9 and the number of students per class is 21. In 2001/02, the average subvention expenditure per student of each village school is $38,250. The school facilities of village schools are in comparison below the latest standard. Some do not provide adequate special rooms or ancillary facilities. In general, their performance is acceptable but there is much room for improvement.

  3. Village schools being aided schools are subject to the same policy as other aided schools. In determining the operation of classes in schools, the local supply and demand of school places and the choice of parents will be taken into account.
Last revision date: 09 October 2002
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