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Students being bullied at school by schoolmates


Date of Meeting: 13 June 2001

Asked by : Hon WONG Sing-chi

Replied by : SEM

Question :

Regarding cases of students being bullied at school, will the Government inform this Council :

  1. of the total number of cases reported last year involving students being bullied by schoolmates, together with a breakdown by the form of bullying (for example, acts of violence or verbal abuses, etc.);

  2. whether it has assessed if such cases are prevalent; and whether it will consider conducting surveys and compiling statistics to ascertain the seriousness of the problem, as well as formulating measures to tackle it; and

  3. whether it will consider providing training to teachers, parents and students so as to assist them in identifying and handling cases of bullying at school?


Madam President,

a. & b. The Education Department (ED) conducts annual surveys on students' behavioural problems in primary and secondary schools. According to the latest survey carried out in July 2000, the number of bullying cases (Note) reported in the 1999/2000 school year is 1 043 (396 and 647 cases in primary and secondary schools respectively). Seen in perspective, with a student population of about 950 000, the problem of bullying in schools cannot be regarded as serious. ED does not have statistics on the detailed breakdown of the nature of these bullying cases.

(Note)   Bullying cases involve teasing, intimidating and damaging others' property.
c. To assist teachers, parents and students to identify and handle cases of bullying in schools, ED conducts regular training for primary and secondary school teachers tasked with student guidance and discipline work. The Department also organises workshops and seminars on student guidance and discipline for teachers in general and offers guidance to schools in organising tailor-made guidance programmes and activities to enhance students' inter-personal skills and handle their emotions.

To promote home-school co-operation, ED encourages the setting up of parent-teacher associations and commissions non-governmental organisations to organise parent education courses from time to time, which includes, inter alia, programmes on handling children with behavioural problems and bullying activities in school.
Last revision date: 13 June 2001
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