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Gender ratio of kindergarten teachers


Date of sitting: 10 July 2002

Asked by: Hon. Henry WU

Replied by: SCS


Will the Government inform this Council of the respective numbers of male and female serving kindergarten teachers ("KTs"), as well as the prospective male and female KTs currently enrolled in training programmes for Qualified KTs; and if male KTs accounts for a very low percentage in the total number of KTs, whether it knows the reasons for that, and whether it has formulated a policy to encourage more men to become KTs?


Madam President:

For the 2001/02 school year, the numbers of male and female serving kindergarten teachers (KT) are 41 and 8 737 respectively, while those of prospective KT undertaking various approved training programmes are 9 and 1 480 respectively.

Kindergarten teaching is mainly staffed by woman. It is presumed that the nature, environment and targetted groups of the work itself which is more appealing to women, may have attracted more women to join the profession.

Based on the principle of equal opportunity, we do not have any policy to encourage a particular gender to join kindergarten teaching or to receive training for such purpose. Any eligible candidates, irrespective of their gender, may apply for KT training, and kindergartens also have the discretion to appoint any qualified person as KT.

Last revision date: 10 July 2002
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