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Initiatives to improves the job placement work of the Labour Department


Date of Meeting: 14 June 2000

Asked by : Hon. Ambrose LAU

Replied by : SEM

Question :

In the Policy Objectives of the 1999 Policy Address, the Administration undertook to revamp the Job Matching Programme, develop a dedicated system for the construction industry in the website of the Interactive Employment Service, and revamp the Careers Advisory Service of the Labour Department. In this connection, will the Government inform this Council of the progress and achievements of the above initiatives ?



In late 1999, the Labour Department (LD) started to revamp the Job Matching Programme to introduce a group counselling service for interested clients. Supplementing individual counselling, group counselling is conducted through briefing sessions and workshops. During briefing sessions, placement officers will furnish job-seekers with updated information on the labour market; and through workshops, they will help job-seekers understand their own strengths and weaknesses and share with them the experiences and techniques in interpersonal relationships, communication and interview. After group counselling, placement officers will be able to know more about the job-seekers and can thus perform more effective job matching. Moreover, through group counselling, job-seekers can have more exchanges among themselves. They can share their experience in job-seeking and set up mutual support networks. All these will help them build up self-confidence and find employment. From January to May 2000, a total of 155 group counselling sessions of this kind have been organized for 954 job-seekers by the LD. The feedback from participants is generally positive. The number of successful placements achieved in the same period under the Job Matching Programme is 4 571.

The LD is developing a dedicated system for the construction industry at its Interactive Employment Service (iES) website so as to provide better employment services to employers and job-seekers of the industry. With the launching of the new web page, job-seekers will be able to input data such as the type of job/trade sought for, working experience, educational qualifications, expected salary and terms of employment (permanent/temporary) by simply pressing the appropriate keys to select information. This provides job-seekers with a more efficient and effective way of locating suitable job vacancies in the construction industry. Employers in the construction industry can also make use of the web page to register job vacancies and select the right candidates quickly and conveniently. In addition, the latest statistics on people who have passed the trade tests in the industry will be made available on the web page for the employers' reference. The LD has drawn up the function specifications of the new system and has commissioned a web page contractor to prepare the programs. Work is now progressing smoothly with most of the programs completed and put to test. It is expected that the new system will be formally launched later this year.

Meanwhile, the LD is reviewing and revamping the career counselling services for youngsters and school leavers. The new scheme will focus on establishing partnership with related bodies and organizations as well as developing a high-speed information network with the aid of information technology. The aim is to provide more interactive information through the website of the Careers Advisory Service, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the career counselling services. The website will provide job-seekers with updated and more detailed information on careers and further education. It will also contain new career orientation assessment tests which suit the local situation to help youngsters understand better their own personality and aptitude so that they will know how to choose suitable jobs for themselves. Chat-room and e-mail inquiry services will also be introduced. Moreover, the LD will invite professional bodies of various trades and industries to provide the latest information on employment and training, and upload such information onto the web page so that youngsters and school leavers can, by browsing on-line or downloading, readily obtain comprehensive information about the job market. The various initiatives are expected to be completed by March 2001.

To cater for the needs at different levels of the community, the Careers Advisory Service plans to invite local universities to be its partners in conducting a research on the job-seeking skills of youngsters and developing a tailor-made software known as "Resource Kit on Career Counselling" for use in Hong Kong. The Resource Kit will contain guidelines on career counselling techniques, games and practices that are illuminating, and contact lists of bodies which provide careers information. We intend to distribute the software to all secondary schools as well as social service agencies offering youth counselling services, so that it will serve as an effective tool with which counselling teachers and social workers can provide better career counselling services. The development of the Resource Kit is expected to be completed by early 2001.

Last revision date: 14 June 2000
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