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Recognition of associate degree programmes


Date of sitting: 6 March 2002

Asked by: The Hon CHEUNG Man-kwong

Replied by: SEM


Regarding associate degree programmes, will the Government inform this Council of :

  1. the numbers and percentages of graduates of associate degree programmes admitted to local or overseas universities since the introduction of such programmes in Hong Kong and, among them, the extent to which their qualifications were recognized by the institutions or pegged with overseas institutions so that they were exempted from taking certain courses or their duration of study was shortened;

  2. the countries or regions which recognize the associate degree programmes offered by the institutions in Hong Kong; and

  3. the existing ordinances which regulate the prospectuses and advertisements relating to associate degree programmes, and whether these ordinances impose different requirements on the Federation for Continuing Education in Tertiary Institutions and private educational institutions in respect of the prospectuses and advertisements relating to their associate degree programmes; if so, of the details?


Madam President:

  1. Since the first batch of associate degree students will graduate in mid-2002, we do not have statistics on the number of these graduates admitted to local or overseas universities.

  2. In the 2001-02 academic year, a total of six local institutions have offered full-time, self-financing associate degree programmes which fully meet the accreditation and quality assurance requirements. The qualifications awarded by 20 of these programmes are recognized by 108 overseas higher educational institutions as entry qualifications and for credits transfer arrangements. They include those in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Mainland China and Macau.

  3. At present, the institutions offering associate degree programmes include (1) universities, statutory educational or training bodies or their continuing education arms. Most members of the Federation for Continuing Education in Tertiary Institutions belong to this category; and (2) other educational bodies. Providers in the first category are regulated under their respective governing ordinances. Those in the second category are regulated under the Education Ordinance (Chapter 279). Section 86B(1)(b) of the Education Ordinance stipulates that an owner or a manager of a registered or provisionally registered school who publishes false or misleading advertisements concerning the school commits an offence, and is liable to a fine of $100,000 upon conviction.
Last revision date: 06 March 2002
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