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Provision of places in social development schools for maladjusted girls

LEGCO QUESTION NO.8(Written Reply)

Date of sitting: 23 January 2002

Asked By: The Hon Frederick FUNG Kin-kee

Replied by: SEM


It has been reported that several hundred female maladjusted primary students have not yet been re-allocated to social development schools set up for such children. In this connection, will the Government inform this Council:

  1. of the supply and demand of places for female students in primary social development schools; and
  2. whether such places will be increased; if so, of the timetable; if not, the reasons for that?


Madam President,

  1. Schools for social development (SSD) are set up to provide education for students with moderate to severe behavioural and emotional problems. Apart from the formal curriculum, these schools also provide counseling service to help the students overcome their behavioural and emotional problems so that they can integrate into mainstream schools as soon as possible.

    The Central Co-ordinating Referral Mechanism (CCRM) jointly set up by the Education Department (ED) and the Social Welfare Department assesses the needs of the students for placement in SSD and makes referral where appropriate. CCRM consists of the relevant professionals, including social workers, educational counselors and educational psychologists etc.

    The latest figures indicate that five female primary students have been assessed by the CCRM as suitable for placement in SSD. As there are two SSD providing a total of 25 school places for female primary students, the number of such school places is therefore adequate. ED, however, will review the provision each year and adjust the supply of school places to meet demand.

    Regarding the report that several hundred female maladjusted primary students have not yet been re-allocated to these schools, it is understood that the information is drawn from a questionnaire survey conducted by and SSD among teachers. The children who are considered to have a need for placement in SSD have not been assessed by the professionals of the CCRM. In fact, schools coming across these children should, with the consent of the parents, put up their cases to ED. The referrals of these children will then be vetted by the CCRM.

Last revision date: 23 January 2002
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