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Progress of creation of new job in the public sector


Date of Meeting: 16 January 2002

Asked by : Hon LAU Chin-shek

Replied by : SEM

Question :

In his Policy Address 2001, the Chief Executive pledged to create over 30 000 job opportunities in the public sector. In reply to a question raised by this Council in this regard on 7 November 2001, the Secretary for Education and Manpower said that the "departments concerned are now studying ways to further expedite and to create, as far as possible, job opportunities in needed areas". As the unemployment rate has continued to rise recently, will the Government inform this Council of :-

  1. the progress of each department in its study on expediting the creation of and increase in job opportunities; and

  2. the specific proposals put forward by each department for increasing job opportunities?


Madam President,


Since the Chief Executive's announcement in his 2001 Policy Address to create over 30 000 job opportunities, various Government departments have been studying ways to further expedite and to create, as far as possible, job opportunities in needed areas to help to alleviate the unemployment situation. Presently, we will advance the creation of some of the works-related jobs from 2002-03 to 2001-02. The number of jobs to be created by works projects in 2001-02 will, as a result, be increased by 600 to a total of 2 600. Also, in the health and welfare sector, we will bring forward the creation of about 500 jobs, including peer counsellors and hospital assistants, from 2002-03 to 2001-02. This will bring the total number of jobs to be created in the education, medical and health, and welfare sectors to about 1 730 in 2001-02. To sum up, among the 30 000 or so job opportunities, about 7 900 will be created in 2001-02. These include jobs for works-related personnel, public housing estate management and maintenance personnel, cleaners, community workers and teachers. The latest position of job creation is at Annex.


Taking due regard for our long-term development needs, we are now studying ways to create more jobs to ease the unemployment situation. We will make appropriate announcement when we have further information.


Progress of Jobs Creation under 2001 Policy Address

  Total 2001-02 2002-03 2003 and after
Works Projects 20,000 2,600 10,800 6,600
Housing Department
Estate management and maintenance services
4,000 920 1,640 1,440
(up to 2006)
Education, medical and health sectors, welfare, etc 6,220 1,730 4,490 -
Environmental cleansing 2,650 2,650 - -

  32,870 7,900 16,930 8,040


Last revision date: 16 January 2002
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