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Replies to Oral Questions

06 Nov 2019Hon Cheung Kwok-kwan Political disputes and violence in schools
29 May 2019 Hon Au Nok-hinCurriculum Development Council
30 Jan 2019Hon Ip Kin-yuenSchools applying for all their Primary 3 students to participate in the Primary 3 Territory-wide System Assessment
05 Dec 2018Hon Regina Ip The Liberal Studies subject under the senior secondary curriculum
14 Nov 2018Hon Luk Chung-hungMonitoring extra-curricular activities organised for students
31 Oct 2018Hon Tony TseHandling confrontations on campuses of tertiary institutions
11 Jul 2018Hon Ip Kin-yuen Provision of schools for the new public rental housing developments on Anderson Road
27 Jun 2018Hon Regina IpLeak of public examination papers
30 May 2018Hon Ip Kin-yuen Primary 3 Territory-wide System Assessment
16 May 2018Dr Hon Junius HoIssues relating to the promotion of "Hong Kong independence"
11 Apr 2018Hon Holden Chow Sexual harassment in schools
06 Dec 2017Hon Cheung Kwok-kwanGuard against activities advocating "Hong Kong independence" on school campuses
01 Nov 2017Hon Leung Yiu-chungFinancial position of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
21 Jun 2017Hon Leung Yiu-chungImplementation of Basic Law education
14 Jun 2017 Hon Cheung Kwok-kwanUse of additional funds for education purposes
31 May 2017Hon Wilson OrMeasures to prevent student suicides
31 May 2017Hon Ip Kin-yuenMechanism for holding regular working meetings established by the Education Bureau and the State Ministry of Education
24 May 2017Hon Shiu Ka-chunSeminars and cultural exchange activities organised by establishments which are not registered as schools
14 Dec 2016Hon Lau Kwok-fanFinancial burden on students pursuing self-financing post-secondary education programmes
16 Nov 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuenInstallation of air-conditioning systems for aided schools
13 Jul 2016Hon Claudia MoTeaching Putonghua in kindergartens
29 Jun 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuen Sub-standard school premises
25 May 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuenCollection of first instalments of tuition fees and enrolment deposits by self-financing post-secondary institutions
25 May 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuenConducting assessment and taking measures immediately to ensure the safety of greened building roofs in primary and secondary schools
25 May 2016Hon Christopher Chung Shu-kun Issuance of rainstorm warning signals and announcements of class suspension
16 Mar 2016Hon Wong Yuk-manAlleviating the study pressure on students
16 Mar 2016Dr Hon Helena Wong Immediate measures to prevent students from committing suicide
16 Mar 2016Hon Albert ChanRecent spike of incidents of students committing suicide
16 Mar 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuen Regulation of non-local higher and professional education courses
02 Mar 2016Hon Mrs Regina IpMental health of students
03 Feb 2016Dr Hon Helena WongScholarship for students from the "Belt and Road" countries
25 Nov 2015Dr Hon Kwok Ka-ki Appointment of the Chairmen and members of the supreme governing bodies of tertiary institutions
25 Nov 2015Hon Starry LeeEnglish proficiency of Hong Kong people
04 Nov 2015Dr Hon Kenneth ChanTerritory-wide System Assessment
14 Oct 2015Hon Wong Kwok-hing Collection of enrolment deposits and tuition fees for self-financing post-secondary programmes
18 Mar 2015Hon Ma Fung-kwokMeasures to improve the physical fitness and health of the youths
28 Jan 2015Hon Lee Cheuk-YanComments made by former official of Central Authorities on work of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government
21 Jan 2015Dr Hon Chiang Lai-wanCareer and Life Planning Grant
10 Dec 2014Hon Charles Peter MokAssistance provided for children with special educational needs
10 Dec 2014Hon Michael TienImplementation of the Native-speaking English Teacher Scheme in primary schools
10 Dec 2014Hon Ip Kin-yuenPilot Project on Enhancement of Complaint Management in Schools
03 Dec 2014Ir Dr Hon Lo Wai-kwokEmployers' provision of documentary proofs of the work experience of employees and former employees
20 Nov 2014Hon Ip Kin-yuenCurricula of senior secondary subjects
20 Nov 2014Hon Chan Kam-lamFinancial matters of tertiary institutions funded by the University Grants Committee
29 Oct 2014Hon Lam Tai-faiImpacts of the assemblies triggered by Occupy Central
09 Jul 2014Hon Alice MakPromotion of vocational education
25 Jun 2014Hon Chan Chi-chuenPrevention of discrimination against employees of schools
26 Mar 2014Hon Ip Kin-yuenManpower planning for teachers
08 Jan 2014Hon Ip Kin-yuenAdmission of students outside JUPAS
27 Nov 2013Dr Hon Fernando CheungBullying in school
27 Nov 2013Hon Mrs Regina IpPrimary and secondary school places allocation mechanism
30 Oct 2013Hon Cheung Kwok-cheCompetitive Allocation Mechanism of UGC
23 Oct 2013Dr Hon Kenneth Chan Funding for conducting public examinations
23 Oct 2013Hon Abraham Shek Postgraduate Certificate in Laws programmes offered by universities
23 Oct 2013Dr Hon Lam Tai-fai Supply and demand of kindergarten places
16 Oct 2013Hon Kwok Wai-keungAdmission to universities of HKALE candidates
17 Jul 2013Hon Mrs Regina Ip Graduates of post-secondary programmes
10 Jul 2013Dr Hon Lam Tai-faiEducation policies
03 Jul 2013Hon Starry Lee Teaching Chinese History in secondary schools
05 Jun 2013Hon Ip Kin-yuenDSS schools
29 May 2013Hon Gary Fan Kwok-waiPrimary One places in North District
27 Mar 2013Hon Leung Che-cheungTransport arrangements for cross-boundary students
20 Feb 2013Hon Charles Peter MokPromotion of e-learning
06 Feb 2013Hon Frankie Yick Chi-mingPrimary One places in the North District
12 Dec 2012Hon Michael TienEnglish Language teaching
31 Oct 2012Hon Tommy Cheung ESF Nomination Rights Scheme
31 Oct 2012Dr Hon Kenneth Chan Ka-lokInternational school places
17 Oct 2012Hon Ip Kin-yuenDrop in S1 student population
06 Jun 2012Hon Emily LauComplaints about sexual harassment received by the UGC-funded institutions
06 Jun 2012Hon Chan Hak-kan Primary One places in the North District
23 May 2012Hon Cheung Hok-ming Textbook market
09 May 2012Hon Wong Yuk-man Liberal Studies examination of Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination
02 May 2012Hon Cheung Man-kwongLiberal Studies Curriculum Support Grant
29 Feb 2012Hon Starry Lee Wai-kingStudent Travel Subsidy Scheme
22 Feb 2012Hon Lee Wing-tat Surveys on popularity of 2012 Chief Executive potential candidates conducted by Hong Kong Baptist University
11 Jan 2012Hon Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee City University of Hong Kong to reduce intake places of self-financing top-up degree programmes
23 Nov 2011Hon Cheung Man-kwongRatios of graduate teacher posts
06 Jul 2011Hon David Li Education opportunities for non-Chinese speaking students
22 Jun 2011Hon Albert Ho Chun-yan Textbook price
25 May 2011Hon Audrey Eu Yuet-meeInternational school places
16 Mar 2011Hon Emily Lau Wai-hing International school places
05 Jan 2011Hon Lau Wong-fat Children interest classes conducted in multi-storey commercial buildings
05 Jan 2011Hon Audrey EuEducation of children from low-income families
01 Dec 2010Hon Cheung Man-kwong 15-year free education
03 Nov 2010Hon Paul Chan Mo-po Fees of kindergartens
07 Jul 2010Hon Wong Yuk-man Schools handling political activities
09 Jun 2010Hon Mrs Regina Ip Lau Suk-yeeAccord priority to quality assurance when promoting the development of the self-financing higher education sector
28 Apr 2010Hon Samson TamSchools encouraged to establish a harmonious and caring school culture
27 Jan 2010Hon Lau Wong-fatBullying in schools
27 Jan 2010Hon Cheung Man-kwongMeasures to stabilise the development of schools
16 Dec 2009Hon Paul TseAdvertisements of tutorial schools
16 Dec 2009Hon Cheung Man-kwongRemuneration for kindergarten teachers
02 Dec 2009Hon Li Fung-yingSupport to the school bus sector
17 Jun 2009Hon Lau Wong-fat Rural schools
27 May 2009Hon Cheung Man-kwongPre-primary Education Voucher Scheme
13 May 2009Hon Kam Nai-wai"June 4th Incident" covered by most Chinese History textbooks
18 Mar 2009Hon Tam Yiu-chung Undergraduate degree programmes in veterinary science
11 Mar 2009Hon Ip Wai-mingAssessment of vocational training courses
26 Nov 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwongClass sizes of special schools
26 Nov 2008Hon Ronny Tong Ka-wahStudent enrolment of secondary schools
26 Nov 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwongTemporary teachers employed in government primary and secondary schools
18 Jun 2008Hon Jeffrey Lam Chinese and English language teachers of primary and secondary schools
18 Jun 2008Hon Fernando Cheung Financial assistance applicable to students at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels
04 Jun 2008Hon Lau Wong-fatLCQ6: Matching Grant Scheme
12 Mar 2008Hon Yeung SumNumber of places for first-degree programmes
12 Mar 2008Hon Lau Kong-wahStudent Travel Subsidy Scheme
20 Feb 2008Hon Albert Chan Examinations arrangement for schools
19 Dec 2007Hon Kwok Ka-ki LCQ5: Income generated from the provision of private consultation services at the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of HKU
05 Dec 2007Hon Li Kwok-ying Cross-boundary students
31 Oct 2007Hon Cheung Man-kwongAssociate degree programmes
27 Jun 2007Hon Cheung Man-kwong Staff pay of subvented institutions and VTC
09 May 2007Hon Tommy Cheung Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme
09 May 2007Hon Kwok Ka-ki Private consultation services by Faculties of Medicine staff
14 Mar 2007Hon Cheung Man-kwongFirst-year first-degree places
14 Mar 2007Hon Emily LauUniversity's conferment of honorary doctorates
07 Feb 2007Hon Yeung SumHKIEd and university title
12 Jul 2006Hon James To Non-Chinese speaking students learning Chinese
07 Jun 2006Hon Tam Heung-man Promoting sub-degree qualifications
10 May 2006Hon Yeung SumReview on pre-primary education
18 Jan 2006Hon Cheung Man-kwong The total provision for education
16 Nov 2005Hon Cheung Man-kwong Local Student Finance Scheme and the Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students
26 Nov 2003Hon Yeung SumEducation expenditure
15 Oct 2003Hon Leung Yiu-chungReview of academic structure
09 Jul 2003Hon Yeung Yiu-chungAssessment of Mainland academic qualifications
09 Jul 2003Hon Szeto WahPost-secondary education in Hong Kong
18 Jun 2003Hon Yeung Yiu-chungThe issue of surplus teachers
14 May 2003Hon Sin Chung-kaiAppointment of Teachers on a Job Sharing Basis
20 Nov 2002Hon Audrey EUInvestment strategy for Quality Education Fund
13 Nov 2002Hon SZETO WahTrial scheme for teaching in small classes
09 Oct 2002Hon Audrey EUDiscrimination in the recruitment of teachers based on their religious belief
03 Jul 2002Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungPlan to reduce the number of Primary One classes in the coming school year
03 Jul 2002Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungPoor results of Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers
26 Jun 2002Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungVarious universities' early admission schemes for top Secondary Six students
27 Feb 2002Hon TAM Yiu-chungParticipation by young people in pre-employment trainning and continuing education programmes
30 Jan 2002Hon CHAN Yuen-hanLayoff by compines which have made huge profits
30 Jan 2002Hon LEE Cheuk-yanLong time taken by the Labour Department in arranging conciliation meetings and processing applications for ex-gratia payment
23 Jan 2002Hon LEUNG Fu-wahSurvey on casual employment
16 Jan 2002Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungAllocation of Secondary One discretionary places by schools
28 Nov 2001Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongInterest rate adjustment mechanisms for various loan schemes for post-secondary students
07 Nov 2001Hon Szeto WahCompulsory retirement plan of the HKIE
07 Nov 2001Hon Frederick FUNGDetailed timetable for creation of job opportunities in the public sector
07 Nov 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungDifferent rates for salary adjustments in aided schools
31 Oct 2001Hon Audrey EUFunding Scheme for Workplace English Training
13 Jun 2001Hon LAU Chin-shekImplementation of the recommendations concerning employee benefits made by a UN Committee
06 Jun 2001Hon.CHAN Kwok-keungIllegal workers with forged green cards working in construction sites
30 May 2001Hon James TIENAmendment history of the Employment Ordinance
30 May 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungDirect salaries subsidy for Qualified Kindergarten Teachers
02 May 2001Hon Albert HOAssisting employees to recover unpaid wages
02 May 2001Hon Bernard CHANImpact of a CFA ruling on the employee compensation mechanism
14 Mar 2001Hon LUI Ming-wahReduction of medical students intake in the next triennium
21 Feb 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungHandling labour disputes and claims by the Labour Department
21 Feb 2001Hon Kenneth TINGIncreasing trend of young children sent abroad for educationt
14 Feb 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungBasis used in calculating the salary of a serving senior Graduate Master appointed to a lower-ranked GM post in another school
10 Jan 2001Hon Andrew CHENGReview of employees' compensation system
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