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Parent Education Information at Kindergarten Stage


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 Parent Education Framework at Kindergarten Stage

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*  Resources/websites available in Chinese version only.


 Parent Information


       Kindergarten Education References


                Admission Arrangements for Nursery (K1) Classes in Kindergartens


                “Admission Arrangements for K1 Classes in Kindergartens for the 2018/19 School Year” leaflet 

                   Versions: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified ChineseBahasa Indonesia



                Profile of Kindergartens and Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centres  online version iPhone version  /

                   Android version


                Quality Review Reports


               “Helping Your Children of Kindergarten Age” parent booklet  

                   Versions: English Chinese हिंदी Hindi Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia 

                                   नेपाली Nepali Tagalog Tagalog ไทย Thai اردو Urdu 

                                   اردو Punjabi (Indian) 


               “Knowing More About Children’s Learning” parent pamphlet  

                   Versions: EnglishChinese Hindi ,  Bahasa Indonesia,



                Leaflet on “Kindergarten Education Policy”

                   Versions: English Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese , bahasa indonesiaBahasa Indonesia ,

                                   Hindi , Nepali , ਪੰਜਾਬੀPunjabi(Indian) , Tagalog , Thai ,



                Non-Chinese Speaking Parent Information Package: Your Guide to Education in Hong Kong – e-version 


               “Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Children” leaflet 

                    Versions: English, Chinese, Bahasa IndonesiaHindiNepali

                                    ਪੰਜਾਬੀPunjabi (Indian)TagalogThaiUrdu


               “Enhancing the Smooth Transition from Kindergarten to Primary School” booklet – online version  / 

                    PDF version 


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       Parent Education Resources/Websites


                Parent Education Manual (Pre-School) 


                Smart Parent Net 


                HKEdCity Parent Academy 


                Committee on Home-School Coopration (CHSC) 


                “Love and Care Begins at Family” website by Education Bureau (EDB) 


                “Brain Up for Bringing Up Your Child website by CHSC 


                Parent Corner of Central Resources Centre 


                “Understanding Your Child’s Development – For Parents of Preschool Children” leaflet 

                   (Family Health Service, Department of Health) 


                “To Nurture or To Pressure” leaflet (Family Health Service, Department of Health) 


                “Parenting Made Easy!” e-learning platform  (Family Health Service, Department of Health) 


                Booklets on Parenting (Family Health Service, Department of Health)


                “Parent-Child e-Link” e-Newsletter (Family Health Service, Department of Health) 


                Family Life Education Resource Centre (Social Welfare Department) 


       Short Videos on Parent Education


                “Joyful and Balanced Development for Young Children Education” short film series


                Quality Kindergarten Education  (Short video: 7 min 12 sec, in Cantonese with English subtitles)  


                Sharing Session on Early Childhood Education: Equation for Nurturing Happy Kids  (CHSC)

                   (Short video: 13 min 59 sec)


                Youtube Channel of Happy Family Info Hub  (Family Council, Home Affairs Bureau)


                “18 Handy Tips for Family Education” –  online version  / iPhone version  / Android version  

                   (Family Council, Home Affairs Bureau)


                “Families with Newborn Babies” – online version iPhone version  / Android version  

                   (Family Council, Home Affairs Bureau)


                “Million Others” articles and short videos   (Family Council, Home Affairs Bureau)


                “Wisdom of Parenting” short animation series  (Social Welfare Department)


                “Let Your Children Grow in Integrity” parenting videos  (ICAC) (Short videos in Cantonese with

                   English subtitles)

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       Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) Parent Education Programmes 


                “Parents World” TV programme series 


                “Parenting – Spoil Me Not (2013)” – TV programme 


                “Parenting Handbook” – TV programme 


                “School for New Parents” – radio programme 


                “Parents are No Aliens” radio programme 


                “Fun with Kids” – Community Involvement Broadcasting Service (CIBS) radio programme 



       Parent-Child Activities


                Games and Leisure   (HKEdCity Parent Academy)


                RTHK Children’s Programmes (Input “family” into the search bar and click “SEARCH”)

                Games and Videos by the Road Safety Council 

                Online Games about Electrical and Mechanical Safety 

                Mobile Application of Fire Services Department 

                Fire Safety Education in Kindergarten Programme by Fire Services Department 

                Game Zone by the Hong Kong Wetland Park 

                3D Origami by the Hong Kong Wetland Park 

                Games Archive of Hong Kong Waste Reduction Website by Environmental Protection Department 


                MPFA Financial Education Online Resources Centre 




                Parents’ Talks held by EDB 

                e-Bulletin for Parents 

                EDB Youtube Channel 


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