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Mathematics Education


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Students require knowledge and skills that will help them live a full life in the society of the 21st century, which is an information age. Knowledge of Mathematics is a necessity for every individual if they are to contribute towards the prosperity of Hong Kong. Mathematics pervades all aspects of life. It is not possible to live in the modern world without making some use of mathematics. Many of the developments and decisions made in industry and commerce, the provision of social and community services as well as government policy and planning etc., rely to some extent on the use of mathematics.


Mathematics is essential in the school curriculum of Hong Kong, as it is:


a powerful means of communication;


a tool for studying other disciplines;


an intellectual endeavour and a mode of thinking; and


a discipline, through which students can develop their ability to appreciate the beauty of nature, think logically and make sound judgments.



Mathematics is valuable to help students develop necessary skills for lifelong learning. It is an integral part of general education and hence an important KLA in the Hong Kong school curriculum.



The appropriate use of information technology (IT) in mathematics learning should be emphasised. High technology items like computers and calculators have profoundly changed the world of mathematics education. Students need to master IT to adapt to the dynamically changing environment. With the help of IT tools, meaningless drilling and obsolete topics are no longer essential and relevant in mathematics learning.


It is important for our students to acquire the foundations of knowledge and skill, to develop the capabilities for learning how to learn, to think logically, creatively and critically, to develop and use knowledge, to analyse and solve problems, to access and process information, to make sound judgements and communicate with others effectively.


Students should be enabled to build up confidence and positive attitudes towards mathematics learning, to value mathematics and to appreciate the beauty of mathematics.


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