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Science Education


Science is the study of phenomena and events around us through systematic observation and experimentation. Science education cultivates students' curiosity about the world and enhances scientific thinking. Through the inquiry process, students will recognise the nature of science and develop scientific knowledge and science process skills to help them evaluate the impacts of scientific and technological development. This will prepare students to participate in public discourse in science-related issues and enable them to become life-long learners in science and technology.



The emphasis of science education is to enhance students' scientific literacy through investigative activities that involve planning, measuring, observing, analysing data, designing and evaluating procedures, and examining evidence. Learning science will enable our students to lead a fulfilling and responsible life by encouraging them to learn independently, deal with new situations, reason critically, think creatively, make informed decisions and solve problems.


Through science activities, students should develop an interest in science and thus they will be motivated to become active learners in science. Students should also develop an understanding of the interrelationship between science, technology, society and environment (STSE), and strengthen the ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills across disciplines. They should be able to meet the changes and challenges in the ever developing society and contribute towards the scientific and technological world.


Students with high ability or a strong interest in science need more challenging learning programmes. These programmes should stretch the students' science capabilities and offer opportunities for students to develop their potential to the full.


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