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Replies to Written Questions

18 Mar 2020Hon Hui Chi-fung Impacts of the epidemic on schools and parents of students
26 Feb 2020Hon Martin LiaoImpacts of social turmoil on scientific research and experiment projects
26 Feb 2020Hon Ma Fung-kwokPhysical activities for students
08 Jan 2020Cheung Kwok-kwanScientific, reading and mathematical literacy of Hong Kong students
18 Dec 2019Hon Chan Hoi-yanProvision of self-financing post-secondary education
11 Dec 2019Hon Chan Chun-ying Qualifications Framework
04 Dec 2019Hon Cheung Kwok-kwanMainlanders studying in Hong Kong
20 Nov 2019Hon Ip Kin YuenDemand and supply situation of speech therapists
13 Nov 2019Hon Cheung Kwok-kwanLiberal Studies subject under the senior secondary education
30 Oct 2019Hon Tommy CheungServing teachers changing their jobs to work for Education Bureau
30 Oct 2019Hon Ip Kin-yuenVacant school premises under the Education Bureau
26 Jun 2019Hon Ho Kai-mingEvening secondary courses
26 Jun 2019Hon Ip Kin-yuenNew measure to support students with special educational needs
19 Jun 2019Hon Ip Kin-yuenWorks for substandard aided schools
05 Jun 2019Hon Ip Kin-yuenTransient increase in demand for Primary One places
29 May 2019Hon Jimmy NgPreventing sexual harassment at universities
17 Apr 2019Hon Michael TienMental health of principals and teachers
27 Feb 2019Hon Regina IpElective subjects of the senior secondary curriculum
27 Feb 2019Hon Cheung Kwok-kwanUse of e-textbooks and e-learning resources in schools
20 Feb 2019Hon Alice MakAlleviating the financial burden on parents of students
30 Jan 2019Dr Hon Elizabeth Quat Support for children with special educational needs
09 Jan 2019Hon Ip Kin-yuen Administration Guides and the relevant regulations applicable to aided schools and kindergartens
09 Jan 2019Hon Chan Han-panPrevention of youth suicides
05 Dec 2018Hon Vincent Cheng Reducing homework and promoting happy learning
28 Nov 2018Dr Hon Elizabeth Quat Promotion of education on subjects related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
21 Nov 2018Hon Cheung Kwok-kwanSupport for non-Chinese speaking students in learning Chinese History
14 Nov 2018Hon Ma Fung-kwokOpening the facilities of the Hong Kong Design Institute for public use
07 Nov 2018Hon Ip Kin-yuenEmployment of academic staff by post-secondary institutions
31 Oct 2018Hon Vincent ChengLearning of Chinese by non-Chinese speaking students
24 Oct 2018Hon Regina IpHandling of sexual harassment cases in schools
24 Oct 2018Hon Ip Kin-yuenPrimary One places
11 Jul 2018Hon Dennis KwokProgrammes for training educational psychologists
04 Jul 2018Hon Ip Kin-yuenAdmission of local students holding overseas academic qualifications by universities funded by University Grants Committee
23 May 2018Hon Ip Kin-yuenLCQ12: Employment of academic staff by post-secondary institutions
16 May 2018Hon Ip Kin-yuen Measures to improve special education services
09 May 2018Dr Hon Chiang Lai-wanDecline in population of school-aged Primary One students
09 May 2018Hon Ip Kin-yuen LCQ16: Non-local students being admitted to funded universities through taking the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination
02 May 2018Hon Ho Kai-mingEmployment of staff in aided schools
02 May 2018Hon Ip Kin-yuen Review of textbooks
07 Feb 2018Hon Ip Kin-yuen Promotion of a reading culture among students in schools
07 Feb 2018Dr Hon Cheng Chung-taiThe use of Putonghua as the medium of instruction for teaching the Chinese Language Subject in primary and secondary schools
24 Jan 2018Hon Chan Hak-kanLCQ21: Cross-boundary students progressing to Secondary One
17 Jan 2018Hon Claudia Mo Learning of Chinese language by non-Chinese speaking students
10 Jan 2018Hon Michael TienFree Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme
10 Jan 2018Hon Hui Chi-fungGrants approved by Hong Kong Teachers' Centre and Quality Education Fund
10 Jan 2018Hon Ip Kin-yuen Tuition fees of self-financing programmes offered by self-financing post-secondary institutions
06 Dec 2017Dr Hon Cheng Chung-taiHomework and tests for primary and secondary students
06 Dec 2017Hon Tanya Chan Inviting secondary schools to arrange for broadcast live on campus the speech of a Mainland official
29 Nov 2017Hon Ip Kin-yuenClassification of primary and secondary school subjects as compulsory and independent compulsory subjects
18 Oct 2017Hon Ip Kin-yuen Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme for Self-financing Undergraduate Studies in Hong Kong
12 Jul 2017Hon Ip Kin-yuen Collection of Tong Fai by schools to support educational expenses
14 Jun 2017Hon Leung Che-cheungOvertime work compensation for teaching staff members of tertiary institutions
07 Jun 2017Hon Leung Yiu-chungSchool fees charged by kindergartens under the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme
24 May 2017Hon Ip Kin-yuenAllocation of school premises
17 May 2017Hon Cheung Kwok-kwan Basic Competency Assessment Research Study
17 May 2017Hon Michael Tien Review of Native-speaking English Teacher Scheme
26 Apr 2017Hon Ip Kin-yuenInternational school places
26 Apr 2017Hon Cheung Kwok-kwanPromoting positive and healthy sex attitudes among youngsters
26 Apr 2017Dr Hon Pierre ChanSupply of kindergarten premises
29 Mar 2017Dr Hon Fernando CheungProvision of education-related information to non-Chinese speaking students and parents
22 Mar 2017Hon Ip Kin-yuenMaking public reports of investigations conducted by Research Grants Council
08 Feb 2017Hon Cheung Kwok-kwanApplication fees charged by kindergartens
08 Feb 2017Hon Ip Kin-yuen Handling of vacant school premises
11 Jan 2017Hon Cheung Kwok-kwanFree Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme
14 Dec 2016Hon Jeffrey LamSupply of and demand for international school places
07 Dec 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuenSubstandard premises of public-sector schools
30 Nov 2016Hon Holden ChowChinese language education for non-Chinese speaking students
30 Nov 2016Hon Regina IpPlacement of students with emotional and behavioural difficulties
23 Nov 2016Hon Lau Kwok-fanPromoting reading culture
09 Nov 2016Dr the Hon Lau Siu-lai Support for Internet learning for students from grass-roots families
09 Nov 2016Dr Hon Kwok Ka-ki Use of government premises for the operation of self-financing post-secondary programmes
02 Nov 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuenImpact of the decline in the population of school-aged Secondary One students
13 Jul 2016Dr the Hon Chiang Lai-wanPromoting education on three-dimensional printing technology
13 Jul 2016Dr Hon Fernando CheungProvision of grants for kindergartens admitting non-Chinese speaking students
06 Jul 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuenEmployment of teachers on contract terms and their retention
29 Jun 2016Dr Hon Lam Tai-fai"Belt and Road" Scholarship Scheme
29 Jun 2016Hon Albert Ho Chun-yan Financial position of University Grants Committee-funded institutions
29 Jun 2016Hon Ma Fung-kwokOpening up sports venues and facilities of schools for loan by community groups
22 Jun 2016Hon James TienCross-boundary students
22 Jun 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuen Schools affected by incidents of excessive lead content in drinking water
01 Jun 2016Hon Christopher ChungFinancial situation of self-financing post-secondary institutions
01 Jun 2016Hon Kwok Wai-keung Government's support for large-scale skills competitions
01 Jun 2016Hon Ip Kwok-himStrategies on Information Technology in Education
25 May 2016Hon Regina IpMental health problems of students
18 May 2016Dr the Hon Chiang Lai-wanLife planning education
18 May 2016Hon Kenneth LeungMonitoring of use of public funds and conduct of commercial activities by funded institutions
18 May 2016Dr Hon Kenneth ChanSupport measures for non-Chinese speaking students under 15-year free education policy
18 May 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuenUtilisation of surpluses of University Grants Committee-funded institutions
27 Apr 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuenEmployment of regular teachers on contracts of a defined period
20 Apr 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuenRegulation of playgroups for pre-school children
13 Apr 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuenSocial worker manpower in special schools
24 Feb 2016Hon Albert Ho Donations to local universities made by commercial sector
24 Feb 2016Hon Lam Tai-faiReview of the Territory-wide System Assessment
17 Feb 2016Hon Kwok Wai-keungImplementation of Qualifications Framework
17 Feb 2016Hon Ip Kin-yuen Management of education funds and scholarship schemes
03 Feb 2016Hon Cheung Kwok-che Competitive Allocation mechanism of the University Grants Committee
06 Jan 2016Hon Leung Kwok-hungOverseas duty visits conducted by the Secretary for Education
16 Dec 2015Hon Abraham ShekNon-Chinese speaking students learning in kindergartens
16 Dec 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenPublic liability insurance for aided schools
16 Dec 2015Dr Hon Kenneth Chan Sub-degree programmes
09 Dec 2015Hon Abraham ShekTraining provided for prospective teachers on teaching non-Chinese speaking students
02 Dec 2015Hon Leung Kwok-hung Education for ethnic minority students
02 Dec 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenDisbursement of Salaries Grant to aided schools for payment of acting allowances to teachers
02 Dec 2015Hon Kwok Wai-keungEarn and Learn Pilot Scheme
02 Dec 2015Dr Hon Lam Tai-faiRegulation of tertiary institutions and standards of their programmes
18 Nov 2015Hon Michael TienHomework for primary school students
18 Nov 2015Dr Hon Lam Tai-faiImproving the implementation of the Territory-wide System Assessment
11 Nov 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenTeacher Relief Grant
28 Oct 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuen Disciplinary arrangements of teachers of aided schools
14 Oct 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenInstallation of air-conditioning systems for schools
08 Jul 2015Dr Hon Kenneth ChanInternational school and International Baccalaureate programme places
08 Jul 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenProvision of education services on the Mainland by tertiary institutions funded by the University Grants Committee
24 Jun 2015Dr Hon Kenneth ChanLearning of the Chinese language by non-Chinese speaking people and recognition of the relevant educational qualifications
24 Jun 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenThe requirements for primary school teachers to be promoted to principals and pay levels of the two types of personnel
24 Jun 2015Hon Kwok Wai-keungVocational education
17 Jun 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenDissemination of information by bureaux to the media
17 Jun 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenQuality Education Fund
03 Jun 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenBack payments to staff members of subvented organisations in relation to civil service pay adjustments
27 May 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenTerritory-wide System Assessment
20 May 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenDefault problems of the loan schemes administered by the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency
20 May 2015Hon Chan Kam-lamFinancial management and resource utilisation of the Public Opinion Programme at the University of Hong Kong
13 May 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuen Revision to the curriculum of the junior secondary subject of Chinese History
06 May 2015Dr Hon Kenneth ChanHong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination
29 Apr 2015Dr Hon Kenneth ChanReprovisioning of a school in Yue Wan Estate
29 Apr 2015Dr Hon Kwok Ka-kiSocial mobility in Hong Kong
22 Apr 2015Hon Jeffrey Lam International school places
15 Apr 2015Hon Tony TseNurturing talents for the architectural, surveying, town planning and landscape professions
18 Mar 2015Hon Tang Ka-piuPre-primary education
25 Feb 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenConcern about interference with autonomy of tertiary institutions
25 Feb 2015Hon Regina IpCurriculum and Assessment Guide and textbooks for Liberal Studies
11 Feb 2015Dr Hon Fernando CheungAssistance provided for students with special educational needs
11 Feb 2015Hon Ip Kin-yuenSelf-financing programmes offered by tertiary institutions
11 Feb 2015Dr Hon Kenneth ChanSupport received on campus by tertiary students with special educational needs
11 Feb 2015Hon Starry LeeTeaching Chinese history in secondary schools
04 Feb 2015Dr Hon Kenneth ChanSponsorships for national education promotional activities
28 Jan 2015Hon Albert HoDiscretionary Places Admission under the Primary One Admission System
28 Jan 2015Dr Hon Fernando CheungSupport for non-Chinese speaking students with special educational needs
21 Jan 2015Dr Hon Kenneth ChanBroadening the opportunities for local students to receive higher education
07 Jan 2015Hon Kwok Wai-keungQualifications Framework
17 Dec 2014Dr Hon Helena WongLiberal Studies Textbooks
17 Dec 2014Hon Regina IpStudying history for the appreciation of archaeological discoveries
17 Dec 2014Dr Hon Fernando CheungSuspension of classes of special schools when tropical cyclone warning signal No. 3 is in force
10 Dec 2014Hon Regina IpDuty travels outside Hong Kong undertaken by the Secretary for Education
10 Dec 2014Hon Wong Yuk-manMonitoring of self-financing post-secondary programmes
03 Dec 2014Dr Hon Kenneth ChanApplication fee and registration fee collected by kindergartens
03 Dec 2014Hon Charles Peter MokEducation relating to innovation and technology
03 Dec 2014Hon Paul Tse Hong Kong people's English standard
03 Dec 2014Hon Tony TseProcessing of teaching staff members' applications for suspension from teaching work and personnel policies of tertiary institutions
03 Dec 2014Hon Regina IpThe subject of Liberal Studies under the New Senior Secondary Academic Structure
26 Nov 2014Dr Hon Kenneth ChanNon-local students studying in UGC-funded institutions
26 Nov 2014Hon Claudia MoSupport for ethnic minority students in school
12 Nov 2014Dr Hon Kenneth Chan Operation of self-financing post-secondary institutions
12 Nov 2014Dr Hon Lam Tai-faiTeaching Chinese history and Moral and National Education in secondary schools
29 Oct 2014Hon Kwok Wai-keungEarn and Learn Pilot Scheme
29 Oct 2014Hon Regina IpTeaching Chinese history in secondary schools
15 Oct 2014Hon Dennis KwokHome-schooling
15 Oct 2014Hon Lau Wong-fatUse of public funds by tertiary institutions funded by the University Grants Committee
09 Jul 2014Hon Tang Ka-piuEducational support for non-Chinese speaking students
09 Jul 2014Hon Ip Kin-yuenSelling of self-financing departments by institutions funded by the University Grants Committee
09 Jul 2014Hon Leung Yiu-chungSupply of and demand for school places in the Islands District
18 Jun 2014Dr Hon Kenneth ChanInternational schools operating in vacant school premises of the Government
11 Jun 2014Hon Chan Kin-porPrevention of young students from being sexually assaulted by tutors
04 Jun 2014Hon Dennis KwokEducation for children of Hong Kong people residing on the Mainland
04 Jun 2014Hon Kwok Wai-keungVocational education programmes offered by the Vocational Training Council
28 May 2014Dr Hon Kenneth ChanTeacher and student participation in Occupy Central movement
21 May 2014Dr the Hon Kenneth ChanAssisting direct subsidy schools in acquiring permanent school premises
21 May 2014Hon Ip Kin-yuenStaff establishment of the Vocational Training Council and its member institutions
14 May 2014Dr Hon Helena WongAdmission of local and non-local students to research postgraduate programmes
14 May 2014Hon Ip Kin-yuenEducational psychologists
07 May 2014Hon Starry LeeLearning Putonghua in schools
30 Apr 2014Dr Hon Helena WongFinancial assistance for ethnic-minority students
16 Apr 2014Dr Hon Elizabeth Quat Pre-primary education
09 Apr 2014Hon Kwok Ka-ki Building special school in Islands District
09 Apr 2014Hon Leung Kwok-hung Regulation of students' use of mobile telephones
09 Apr 2014Dr Hon Kenneth Chan Vacant school premises
19 Mar 2014Hon Claudia Mo Learning Chinese as a second language by non-Chinese speaking students
19 Mar 2014Hon Ip Kin-yuen Standards of the premises and learning environment of public-sector schools
19 Feb 2014Hon Abraham ShekQuality of sub-degree programme graduates
11 Dec 2013Dr Hon Kenneth ChanAllocation of land and vacant school premises for education purposes
11 Dec 2013Hon Leung Yiu-chungLoans for students of self-financing post-secondary programmes
11 Dec 2013Dr Hon Lam Tai-faiMeasures to address temporary decline in S1 student population
04 Dec 2013Hon Regina IpApplications for financial assistance processed by SFAA
04 Dec 2013Hon Cheung Kwok-che School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes
27 Nov 2013Hon Jeffrey LamInternational school places
20 Nov 2013Dr Hon Elizabeth QuatProvision of resources to promote the use of information technology in schools
13 Nov 2013Hon Ma Fung-kwokE-textbook Market Development Scheme
13 Nov 2013Hon Leung Che-cheungProvision of education on the Mainland for children born in Hong Kong
06 Nov 2013Hon Leung Kwok-hungBlock Insurance Policy for schools
06 Nov 2013Dr Hon Helena WongPost Secondary Colleges Ordinance
30 Oct 2013Hon Charles Mok E-textbook Market Development Scheme
23 Oct 2013Hon Leung Kwok-hungCoverage of insurance taken out for aided schools
23 Oct 2013Hon Chan Chi-chuen HKEAA's performance-based incentive scheme
23 Oct 2013Hon Cheung Kwok-che HKEAA's performance-based incentive scheme
09 Oct 2013Hon WONG Kwok-kinVocational training
17 Jul 2013Hon Sin Chung-kaiEnglish Schools Foundation
10 Jul 2013Dr Hon Helena WongDSS schools
10 Jul 2013Hon Kwok Wai-keungQualifications Framework
03 Jul 2013Hon Abraham ShekEducation for students with special educational needs
03 Jul 2013Hon Yiu Si-wingStandard and guidelines for organising study tours
05 Jun 2013Dr Hon Kenneth ChanBarrier-free facilities in schools
05 Jun 2013Hon Tommy CheungInternational school places
22 May 2013Hon Ip Kin-yuenLanguage Fund
08 May 2013Hon Starry LeeLiberal Studies teaching and learning resources
24 Apr 2013Hon Chan Chi-chuenNSS Liberal Studies
17 Apr 2013Hon Emily LauClosed-circuit television systems in schools
17 Apr 2013Hon Chan Chi-chuenKindergarten education
17 Apr 2013Hon Ma Fung-kwokNSS Visual Arts subject
17 Apr 2013Hon Michael TienPlaygroups for pre-school children
27 Feb 2013Hon Ronny TongGovernance and administration of DSS schools
20 Feb 2013Hon Cheung Kwok-cheAssessment of Mainland and Taiwanese educational qualifications
20 Feb 2013Hon Ip Kin-yuenNon-Joint University Programmes Admissions System
06 Feb 2013Dr Hon Kenneth ChanKindergarten education
30 Jan 2013Hon Cheung Kwok-cheStudent loans
23 Jan 2013Hon Joseph LeeNursing manpower for special schools with boarding sections
09 Jan 2013Hon Chan Kin-porUniversity student hostel places
12 Dec 2012Hon Martin Liao Native-speaking English Teacher Scheme
12 Dec 2012Hon Ip Kin-yuenPersons admitted to work in academic research and education sector in Hong Kong
05 Dec 2012Hon Ip Kin-yuenNon-local students enrolled in UGC-funded institutions
28 Nov 2012Hon Frederick Fung Kin-keeKindergarten education and study pathways for secondary school leavers
21 Nov 2012Hon Kwok Wai-keungRecognition of Prior Learning mechanism
21 Nov 2012Hon Ip Kin-yuenStudy pathways for secondary school leavers
14 Nov 2012Dr Hon Chiang Lai-wanSupport for non-Chinese speaking students
07 Nov 2012Hon Gary Fan Repayment of student loans
07 Nov 2012Dr Hon Kenneth Chan Self-financing post-secondary programmes
07 Nov 2012Hon Mrs Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee Textbook review
17 Oct 2012Hon Lam Tai-faiMoral and National Education subject
13 Jun 2012Hon Ip Wai-ming Evening secondary schools
13 Jun 2012Hon Lam Tai-fai Moral and National Education subject
06 Jun 2012Hon Leung Kwok-hung Secondary School Places Allocation System
23 May 2012Hon Lam Tai-fai Vacant school premises
16 May 2012Hon Cheung Man-kwongStart-up Loan Scheme
09 May 2012Hon Emily LauChinese learning support for ethnic minority children
09 May 2012Hon Lau Kong-wah Travel subsidy for students
02 May 2012Hon Tommy Cheung Entry arrangements for non-local students who wish to enter Hong Kong for study
28 Mar 2012Hon Abraham Shek Lai-himExamination fees for non-Chinese speaking students taking Chinese Language examinations
28 Mar 2012Hon Cheung Man-kwong University education resources
21 Mar 2012Hon Cheung Man-kwong"Academic 2" of the City University of Hong Kong
21 Mar 2012Cheung Kwok-cheFunding methodology of UGC
21 Mar 2012Sophie Leung University education resources
15 Feb 2012Hon Albert Ho Supply and demand for school places
08 Feb 2012Hon Tanya Chan Native-speaking English Teachers for special schools
08 Feb 2012Hon Abraham Shek Provision of international school places for non-Chinese speaking children
01 Feb 2012Hon Miriam LauInternational school places
01 Feb 2012Hon Emily Lau Sexual orientation discrimination and bullying in schools
01 Feb 2012Hon Lam Tai-fai Small class teaching
18 Jan 2012Hon Chan Mo-poClass structure of secondary schools
21 Dec 2011Hon Cheung Man-kwong The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
14 Dec 2011Hon Tanya Chan Relocation of Lingnan Primary School and Kindergarten
14 Dec 2011Hon Abraham Shek Special learning needs of ethnic minority school children
07 Dec 2011Hon Starry Lee Debundling Textbooks and Teaching/ Learning Materials for Pricing
07 Dec 2011Hon Tanya ChanEducation support for children of native-speaking English teachers
07 Dec 2011Hon Raymond HoNon-JUPAS admission
07 Dec 2011Hon Cheung Man-kwongSelf-financing programmes offered by UGC-funded institutions
30 Nov 2011Hon Abraham Shek Measures to improve the competitiveness of Hong Kong
30 Nov 2011Hon Albert Chan Vacant school premises
16 Nov 2011Hon Frederick Fung Kin-kee 15-year free education
16 Nov 2011Hon Starry Lee Wai-kingEducational support for ethnic minority students
16 Nov 2011Hon Lam Tai-fai International Cuisine College
09 Nov 2011Hon Lam Tai-fai Hong Kong students studying in the Mainland
02 Nov 2011Hon Emily Lau Support measures for non-Chinese speaking students
02 Nov 2011Hon Pan Pey-chyou Teacher salaries
26 Oct 2011Hon Cheung Kwok-cheUniversity Grants Committee-funded social work programmes
13 Jul 2011Hon James To Kun-sun National Education
06 Jul 2011Hon Sophie Leung Lau Yau-funApplication fee and enrolment deposit of the courses offered by post-secondary institutions
06 Jul 2011Hon Audrey Eu Yuet-meeNative English-Speaking Teacher Schemes
29 Jun 2011Hon Cheung Man-kwongTeacher employment
29 Jun 2011Hon Ronny Tong Ka-wah Voluntary Optimisation of Class Structure Scheme
29 Jun 2011Hon Sophie Leung Lau Yau-fun Work pressure of teachers
22 Jun 2011Hon Samson Tam Wai-hoUse of information technology in schools
15 Jun 2011Hon Chan Hak-kan Cross-boundary students
01 Jun 2011Hon David Li Private Independent Schools
25 May 2011Hon Cheung Man-kwongTextbook prices
18 May 2011Hon Cheung Man-kwongThe examination fee for the HKDSE
11 May 2011Hon Emily Lau Wai-hingArticulation opportunities for students with SEN
11 May 2011Hon Lau Wong-fat Create a safe learning environment for students
04 May 2011Hon Wong Kwok-hing Special education
30 Mar 2011Hon Cheung Man-kwongCommunity colleges of UGC-funded institutions
02 Mar 2011Hon Emily Lau Wai-hingPromote sports development among students
23 Feb 2011Hon Pan Pey-chyou Teacher Relief Grant
16 Feb 2011Hon Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen e-Learning resources
26 Jan 2011 Hon Cheung Kwok-cheApplications for textbook assistance under "Principal Recommendation Scheme"
05 Jan 2011Hon Raymond Ho Chung-taiPhysical Education
08 Dec 2010Hon Ip Wai-mingProviding hearing aids for hearing impaired students
24 Nov 2010Hon Cheung Kwok-cheProject Yi Jin
24 Nov 2010Hon Lau Wong-fat Schools located in commercial buildings
17 Nov 2010Hon Cheung Man-kwong Hong Kong Baptist University
27 Oct 2010Hon Abraham ShekEnglish Schools Foundation
30 Jun 2010Hon Paul Chan Mo-poGovernance and management structures of UGC-funded institutions
30 Jun 2010Hon Audrey Eu Yuet-mee Oral examination for the Chinese Language subject of the HKCEE
23 Jun 2010Hon Paul Chan Mo-poMeasures for strengthening the protection of students on the appointment matters of schools
26 May 2010Hon Cheung Man-kwong Eliminating sex discrimination and prevention of sexual harassment in schools
12 May 2010Hon Cheung Kwok-cheComprehensive Student Guidance Service
12 May 2010Hon Tam Yiu-chungProvision of playgroup services
05 May 2010Hon Cheung Man-kwong Employment of regular teachers with fixed-term contracts by aided schools
21 Apr 2010Hon Cheung Kwok-che Social work sub-degree and undergraduate degree programmes
14 Apr 2010Hon Pan Pey-chyouGraduate teaching posts in public sector secondary and primary schools
17 Mar 2010Hon Cyd Ho Sau-lanDemand and supply of public sector school places
17 Mar 2010Hon Regina IpHong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme
17 Mar 2010Hon Cheung Man-kwongNon-means-tested student loan schemes
10 Mar 2010Hon Cheung Kwok-cheSupport students with special educational needs
03 Mar 2010Hon Samson TamInformation technology in education
03 Mar 2010Hon Starry Lee Wai-kingTaking care of children's learning diversity
24 Feb 2010Hon Cheung Man-kwongTeachers' employment
20 Jan 2010Hon Albert Chan Wai-yip Programmes offered by colleges/schools of continuing and professional education
13 Jan 2010Hon Cheung Man-kwongHigher Education
13 Jan 2010Hon Cyd Ho Sau-lan Student departures
13 Jan 2010Hon Emily Lau The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
13 Jan 2010Hon Albert Chan Vacant school premises
06 Jan 2010Hon Cheung Man-kwongNew Senior Secondary Subject Information
16 Dec 2009Hon Wong Yuk-manEnrolment of primary and secondary schools and related issues
16 Dec 2009Hon Andrew Leung Reading literacy and Chinese standard of Hong Kong students
09 Dec 2009Hon Cheung Kwok-cheReview of the Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme
25 Nov 2009Hon Cheung Man-kwong Provident fund of subsidised school teachers
18 Nov 2009Hon Paul Tse Wai-chun Hong Kong students studying over
28 Oct 2009Hon Wong Ting-kwong Pilot scheme for Recognition of Prior Learning
21 Oct 2009Hon Cheung Man-kwongPathways for students taking the 2010 HKCEE
17 Jun 2009Hon Andrew ChengGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education (Chinese) Examination
17 Jun 2009Hon Samson Tam Wai-ho Qualifications Framework
10 Jun 2009Hon Cheung Man-kwong Grants on supply teachers
03 Jun 2009Hon Joseph Lee Number and recruitment procedures of senior staff members of UGC-funded institutions
03 Jun 2009Hon Cheung Man-kwongPlagiarism and frauds in research results
03 Jun 2009Hon Starry Leetextbook prices
27 May 2009 Ir Dr Hon Raymond Ho Application through JUPAS or non-JUPAS channels for admission to UGC-funded programmes
20 May 2009Abraham Shek Lai-himJoint hostel for UGC-funded institutions
13 May 2009Hon Tanya Chan Textbooks
29 Apr 2009Hon Tanya ChanSex education
22 Apr 2009Hon Joseph Lee Kok-long Academic titles for UGC-funded institutions
22 Apr 2009Hon Cheung Man-kwongExtension of repayment period of Start-up Loans
22 Apr 2009Hon Wong Yuk-man Information technology learning support
01 Apr 2009Hon Regina IpDevelopment of higher education at the Lok Ma Chau Loop
18 Feb 2009Hon Cheung Man-kwongLCQ19: Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes and the Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students
11 Feb 2009Hon Cheung Man-kwong Teaching space to support the New Senior Secondary academic structure
04 Feb 2009Hon Wong Sing-chi Support for the first cohort of NSS students
14 Jan 2009Hon Cheung Man-kwongSecondary school class structures
17 Dec 2008Hon Tanya Chan Non-Chinese speaking students with special educational needs
17 Dec 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwong Supply and demand situation of student hostel places of UGC-funded institutions
10 Dec 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwong Impact of the New Senior Secondary academic structure on Vocational Training Council
10 Dec 2008Hon Joseph Lee Kok-longSchool nurses
03 Dec 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwongResources provided to schools admitting NCS students
12 Nov 2008Hon Tanya Chan Non-means-tested student loan schemes
29 Oct 2008Hon Albert Chan Wai-yip Students' right to education
29 Oct 2008Hon Chueng Man-kwongThe piloting of Applied Learning courses
22 Oct 2008Hon Cheung Hok-ming Cross-boundary students
22 Oct 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwongEstablishment of incorporated management committees
09 Jul 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwongPlaces in schools for social development
02 Jul 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwong Staff employed on fixed-term contracts by UGC-funded institutions
25 Jun 2008Cheung Man-kwong Self-financing sub-degree programmes
18 Jun 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwong Self-financing and top-up degree programmes
21 May 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwong Class sizes of special schools
21 May 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwongRecurrent subsidy to DSS schools
14 May 2008Hon Yeung SumApplications for deferring repayment of student loans
14 May 2008Hon Albert Ho Non-means tested loan schemes applicable to post-secondary students
30 Apr 2008Hon Emily Lau Post-secondary students defaulting on loan repayments
23 Apr 2008Hon Sin Chung-kai Non-means tested loan schemes
23 Apr 2008Hon Yeung-sum Tertiary student finance scheme- Publicly-funded Programmes ("TSFS") and the Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students ("FASP")
16 Apr 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwong LCQ5: The number of kindergarten teachers who had left their job or transferred to other kindergartens
09 Apr 2008Hon Yeung Sum Babies born in Hong Kong to mainland women
12 Mar 2008Hon James ToNumber of places of first-degree programmes
12 Mar 2008Hon Kwok Ka-kiRetirement and promotion of academic staff in HKU
27 Feb 2008Hon Yeung Sum SFAA's discretion to approve applications
27 Feb 2008Hon Abraham Shek Students' ability to face up to adversity
27 Feb 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwong Teachers undertaking the duties of teacher-librarians
20 Feb 2008Hon Fernando Cheung Barrier-free access and facilities of special schools
20 Feb 2008Hon Chan Yuen-han Provision of education to non-Chinese speaking students
30 Jan 2008Dr Hon David Li LCQ13: Hong Kong students studying on the Mainland
23 Jan 2008Hon Tsang Yok-sing LCQ10: Post-secondary students loan
23 Jan 2008Hon Emily Lau LCQ11: Using Putonghua to teach the Chinese Language subject
23 Jan 2008Hon Cheung Man-kwong LCQ19: Costs for University Grants Committee-funded institutions expanding their campus space
09 Jan 2008Hon Yeung Sum Education and vocational training for the ethnic minorities
09 Jan 2008Hon Sin Chung-kaiHong Kong Education City
19 Dec 2007Hon Abraham Shek Autistic children studying in ordinary schools
19 Dec 2007Hon Cheung Man-kwong Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students
19 Dec 2007Hon Tsang Yok-sing Private independent kindergartens apply for conversion into non-profit-making operation
12 Dec 2007Hon Abraham Shek Assisting students with special educational needs
05 Dec 2007Hon Leung Kwok-hung Outsourcing of cleansing and security services in schools
21 Nov 2007Hon Lau Kong-wahEmotional health of students
21 Nov 2007Hon Cheung Man-kwongExpenditures for construction of school premises and student halls
21 Nov 2007Hon David Li Measures to be taken by the Government to attract non-local students and bring talents to Hong Kong
21 Nov 2007Hon Frederick FungSchool-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes
14 Nov 2007Lau Kong-wahNurturing gifted children
07 Nov 2007Hon Audrey EuPre-primary Education Voucher Scheme
07 Nov 2007Hon Albert Chan Secondary school places in Tin Shui Wai and Tung Chung
31 Oct 2007Hon Sin Chung-kaiQualifications Framework
31 Oct 2007Hon Tsang Yok-sing School Textbook Assistance Scheme
31 Oct 2007Hon Albert Chan Tuition fees of government-subsidized non-profit-making kindergartens
24 Oct 2007Hon Jasper Tsang Yok-sing Evening adult education courses
24 Oct 2007Hon Emily LauPlagiarism
17 Oct 2007Hon Cheung Man-kwongCross-boundary students
17 Oct 2007Hon Jasper TsangInternational schools
17 Oct 2007Dr the Hon David Li Private independent schools
27 Jun 2007Hon Abraham Shek Primary One place supply
20 Jun 2007Hon James ToContinuing Education Fund
20 Jun 2007Hon Cheung Man-kwongUniversity undergraduate places
13 Jun 2007Hon Abraham Shek Leak of public examination questions
06 Jun 2007Dr Hon Yeung Sum Primary One student projections
06 Jun 2007Dr Hon Kwok Ka Ki Private consultation services by Faculties of Medicine
09 May 2007Hon Tam Yiu-chung Surplus teacher
18 Apr 2007Hon Tsang Yok-sing Information Technology for Learning
18 Apr 2007Hon Kwok Ka-kiPrivate consultation service by university Faculties of Medicine
28 Feb 2007Hon Cheung Man-kwong Appointment of presidents for UGC-funded institutions
28 Feb 2007Hon Abraham ShekStudent dropout problem
28 Feb 2007Hon Bernard Chan Support for students with autism
28 Feb 2007Hon Lee Wing-tatTutorial services
31 Jan 2007Hon Audrey Eu Yuet-mee Student statistics for 2006/07 school year
08 Nov 2006Hon Leung Kwok-hungAssistance provided to students with special educational needs
01 Nov 2006Hon Bernard ChanMedium of instruction adopted by universities
01 Nov 2006Hon Emily LauTeachers' ranks and support for English Language education
07 Jun 2006Dr the Hon Fernando Cheung Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme
07 Jun 2006Hon Ma LikTraining providers promoting unrelated activities
24 May 2006Hon Emily Lau Education for non-Chinese speaking students
24 May 2006Hon Frederick Fung School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes
17 May 2006Hon Cheung Man-kwong Measures to relieve teachers' workload
17 May 2006Hon Mrs Sophie Leung Sex Education in schools
17 May 2006Hon Audrey Eu Statistics about primary and secondary education
03 May 2006Hon Abraham Shek Hong Kong students studying at Mainland universities
03 May 2006Hon Cheung Man-kwong University tuition fee
26 Apr 2006Hon Audrey Eu Early Retirement Scheme for government primary school teachers
29 Mar 2006Hon Cheung Chiu-hung Assessing and supporting students with dyslexia
29 Mar 2006Dr Hon Raymond HO School Improvement Programme projects and future school provision planning
22 Mar 2006Hon Tam Yiu-chung Number and use of vacant school premises
22 Mar 2006Dr Hon Yeung Sum Support provided to teachers or principals for coping with work-related pressure
08 Mar 2006Hon Kwok Ka-ki Private practice by teaching staff of medical faculties
08 Mar 2006Hon Emily LauSmall class teaching scheme for schools with a high concentration of disadvantaged students
01 Mar 2006Hon Joseph Lee Kok-long Assisting students with special educational needs
01 Mar 2006Hon Kwok Ka-ki Fund-raising activities by universities
22 Feb 2006Hon Sin Chung-kai Number of students and tuition fees
18 Jan 2006Hon Leung Yiu-chung Tutorial centres providing homework support through telephone or the Internet
21 Dec 2005Hon Tam Heung-man Language education programmes
09 Nov 2005Hon Audrey Eu Teacher-to-student ratios, class sizes and number of teaching sessions
08 Oct 2003Hon Yeung Yiu-chungSupply and demand of teachers
02 Jul 2003Hon Emily LauPlagiarism by University academic staff
02 Jul 2003Hon Ho Chung-taiStrategy on Information Technology for Learning
25 Jun 2003Hon Frederick FungGifted education
25 Jun 2003Hon Ho Chung-taiHealth education
18 Jun 2003Hon Cheung Man-kwongEstimates of expenditure on future funding for UGC-funded institutions
18 Jun 2003Hon Tang Siu-tong Student Travel Subsidy Scheme
11 Jun 2003Hon Ho Chung-taiSchool self-evaluation
21 May 2003Hon Yeung Yiu-chung"One School One Doctor" scheme
21 May 2003Hon Albert ChanArrangements for reviewing examination results in tertiary institutions
21 May 2003Hon Tam Yiu-chungDemand for kindergarten places
21 May 2003Hon Yeung Yiu-chungFinancial problems facing kindergartens
21 May 2003Hon Tam Yiu-chungSchool repair and maintenance works
07 May 2003Hon Mrs Sophie LeungReading literacy of students
30 Apr 2003Hon Frederick FungRefusal to lend out venue for holding HKALE by a school
09 Apr 2003Hon Ho Chung-taiCareer Oriented Diversified Curriculum
09 Apr 2003Hon Abraham ShekDomestic helper training courses
09 Apr 2003Hon Sin Chung-kaiSkills Upgrading Scheme
02 Apr 2003Hon EU Yuet-mee, AudreyLoan scheme for tertiary students
19 Mar 2003Hon Ho Chung-taiApplications for Continuing Education Fund
19 Mar 2003Hon Eric LiHong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation
12 Mar 2003Hon Abraham ShekLCQ 2: Qualifications of newly inducted teachers
12 Mar 2003Hon Ho Chung-taiStudy room facilities
26 Feb 2003Hon Ho Chung-taiPilot scheme on electronic schoolbags
26 Feb 2003Ng Leung-singSecurity of computer systems in primary and secondary schools
19 Feb 2003Hon Chan Kwok-keungEnrollment situation of Skills Upgrading Scheme
15 Jan 2003The Hon WONG Sing-chiNon-local students of HK Universities
15 Jan 2003Hon IP Kwok-himRegarding the children who cross the border to attend schools in Hong Kong
20 Nov 2002Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongComplaints against extramural courses of UGC-funded institutions
20 Nov 2002Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongLand reserved for building primary and secondary schools
13 Nov 2002Hon SZETO WahFinancial situation of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
13 Nov 2002Hon LAU Kong-wahReview of the various student travel subsidy schemes
06 Nov 2002Hon Michael MAKExpenditure for training medical staff and Employment of graduates
30 Oct 2002Ir. Dr. Hon HO Chung-taiMother tongue education
30 Oct 2002Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongReduction in number of classes
23 Oct 2002Ir. Dr. Hon HO Chung-taiChinese language proficiency of secondary school leavers and university graduates
09 Oct 2002Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungGeneral situation and future of village schools
09 Oct 2002Ir. Dr. Hon HO Chung-taiProvision of Native-English Speaking teachers and English language teaching assistants
10 Jul 2002Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungFigures on teachers declared bankrupt
10 Jul 2002Hon WU King-cheong, HenryGender ratio of kindergarten teachers
03 Jul 2002Hon CHU Yu-lin, DavidPrimary school pupils being bullied at school
03 Jul 2002Hon LAU Kong-wahSecurity arrangements for the campuses of various tertiary institutions
26 Jun 2002Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungSupply and demand for Secondary One places
29 May 2002Hon LI Fung-yingEstablishment of the Manpower Development Committee
08 May 2002Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongDelay in the construction work of government primary schools
17 Apr 2002Hon LAU Hon-Chuen, Ambrose"Early anrolment of top Form Sixstudent" Scheme
17 Apr 2002Dr Hon Ho Chung-taiTertiary students' command of English
10 Apr 2002Hon LEUNG Fu-wahEffectiveness of the training courses for prospective domestic helpers
13 Mar 2002Dr Hon HO Chung-taiEnglish standard of primary students
13 Mar 2002Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongMonitoring of certificate to degree courses jointly organized with overseas institutes
06 Mar 2002Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungLabour Department's placement work for Mainland jobs
06 Mar 2002Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongPrimary One Admission System
06 Mar 2002Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongRecognition of associate degree programmes
06 Mar 2002FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickStatistics on associate degree programmes
27 Feb 2002Hon CHAN Yuen-hanCreation of job opportunities in the public sector
27 Feb 2002Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungProvision and management of libraries in secondary and primary schools
27 Feb 2002Hon LEE Cheuk-yanThe Committee on Freedom of Associaiton of the International Labour Organization's repeated recommendations on actions to be taken by the HKSAR Government
06 Feb 2002Hon LI Fung-yingCraft apprenticeship programmes of the VTC
06 Feb 2002Hon CHAN Kwok-keungHiring young persons to work at night
23 Jan 2002Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiAccording admission priority to children who have elder siblings studying or parents working in the schools concerned
23 Jan 2002Hon Frederick FUNG Kin-keeProvision of places in social development schools for maladjusted girls
16 Jan 2002Hon LAU Chin-shekProgress of creation of new job in the public sector
09 Jan 2002Hon HO Chun-yanEmployment marriage and youth problems in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai
09 Jan 2002Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungEnglish standard of university students
09 Jan 2002Hon Ng Leung-singExchange of talents between Hong Kong and the Mainland
09 Jan 2002Hon WONG Sing-chiProvision of education opportunities to persons educated up to Secondary 3 or below
09 Jan 2002Hon CHAN Kwok-keungYouth Pre-employment Training Programme
19 Dec 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungStudent-to-teachers ratios
12 Dec 2001Hon CHAN Kwok-keungEmployment agencies overcharging job seekers
12 Dec 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungSudden close-down of private schools
05 Dec 2001Hon Emily LAUEducation for non-Chinese children
05 Dec 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungSupply and demand for places in international schools
28 Nov 2001Dr Hon David CHUDifficulties encountered by students from South Asia children in admission to schools
21 Nov 2001Dr. Hon David CHUOperation of Self-employment Business Start-up Assistance Scheme
21 Nov 2001Hon SIN Chung-KaiProvision of sub-degree and high diploma IT Programmes
21 Nov 2001Dr. Hon David CHUSupervision of international schools
21 Nov 2001Hon CHAN Yuen-hanTrial Placement Scheme for People with a Disability
14 Nov 2001Hon SIN Chung-KaiInformation technology education in primary schools
31 Oct 2001Hon Emily LAUMonitoring the operation and effectiveness of the Quality Education Fund
31 Oct 2001IR DR Hon Raymond HOProtection of the interests of students in private sector schools
04 Jul 2001Hon Emily LAULanguage proficiency of English Teachers
27 Jun 2001Hon CHAN Yuen-hanExamination arrangements for disabled persons
27 Jun 2001Hon LI Fung-yingForeign domestic helpers denied of statutory salaries and benefits
27 Jun 2001Hon Eric LIImprove the curriculum of secondary schools with a view to improving young people's ability to cope with daily lives
20 Jun 2001Hon LEUNG Fu-wahImplementation of the safety management system
20 Jun 2001Hon Ambrose LAUIndustry safety
20 Jun 2001Hon LI Fung-yingIndustry safety during thunderstorms
13 Jun 2001Hon Emily LAUImplementation of the Occupational Deafness (Compensation) Ordinance (Cap. 469)
13 Jun 2001Hon WONG Sing-chiStudents being bullied at school by schoolmates
13 Jun 2001Hon LAU Kong-wahStudents taking up summer jobs
06 Jun 2001Dr Hon YEUNG SumProvision of international school places
06 Jun 2001Hon David CHUSupervision of private school
30 May 2001Hon Andrew CHENGEmployers' failure to take out insurance for their employees
23 May 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungMechanism for adjustment of interest rates for Non-means Tested Loan Scheme for student
16 May 2001Dr Hon YEUNG SumMainland students studying in local tertiary institutions
16 May 2001Hon Emily LAUMonitoring sponsoring bodies in the appointment of school managers, supervisors and principals.
16 May 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungStatistics on the Non-means Tested Loan Scheme
09 May 2001Hon Emily LAUTeaching posts in government and aided primary schools
25 Apr 2001Hon CHOY So-yukDisclosures of information in Kindergarden Profiles by Kindergarten
25 Apr 2001Hon LEE Cheuk-yanLong waiting time for admission to courses provided by various vocational training bodies
25 Apr 2001Hon CHAN Yuen-hanThe issue of Primary Six students being required to attend secondary schools in other districts
28 Mar 2001Hon SIN Chung kaiExaminations of private candidates in science, technical and computer subjects
14 Mar 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungKindergarten Subsidy Scheme
14 Mar 2001Hon Albert CHANNoise nuisances caused by the sound amplifying systems in schools
14 Mar 2001Hon Ambrose LAURecognition of the academic standards of Project Springboard graduates
14 Mar 2001Hon HO Chung-taiSelf-employment Business Start-up Fund to be set up by the Employees Retraining Board
07 Mar 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungDevelopment of village schools
07 Mar 2001Hon HO Chung-taiIndustrial safety in relation to lift shafts
07 Mar 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungStudents who cross the border for schooling in Hong Kong every day
28 Feb 2001Hon HO Chung-taiEducation disabled persons
28 Feb 2001Hon LEE Cheuk YanLabour statistics
21 Feb 2001Hon CHEUNG Man-KwongRefresher courses for serving teachers
14 Feb 2001Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongAllow children to receive education at home
14 Feb 2001Hon Cyd HOWork of the Steering Committee on Parent Education
07 Feb 2001Hon TIEN Pei-chunFinancial situation of the Employees Compensation Assistance Fund
07 Feb 2001Hon LAW Chi-kwongProvision of further education opportunities for people with disabilities
17 Jan 2001Hon Andrew CHENGCases of default in payment of wages
10 Jan 2001Hon SIN Chung-kaiEducate youngsters about the ethical conduct to be adopted when using the Internet
10 Jan 2001Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungEffectiveness of Education Television programmes
20 Dec 2000Hon Sophie LEUNGMeasures for helping parents to appreciate parental responsibilities and acquire the skills in communicating with their children
20 Dec 2000Hon Emily LAUPrivate donations received by HKU
13 Dec 2000Hon NG Leung-singWorking Holiday Scheme for young people of Hong Kong and with New Zealand
06 Dec 2000Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungAcceptance of donations from suppliers of student lunch boxes, uniforms and office equipment
06 Dec 2000Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiLayoff by companies operating Internet web-sites
22 Nov 2000Hon WONG Sing-chiEmployment of persons with physical disabilities and suffering from chronic illness
22 Nov 2000Hon Andrew CHENGNumber of cases and selection criteria adopted by ERB and relevant training bodies on the requests made by employers for collaboration in organising tailor-made training courses
15 Nov 2000Hon LAW Chi-kwongAdmission of students with special education needs by mainstream schools
15 Nov 2000Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongEducation for the minority races
08 Nov 2000Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongInstallation of telecommunication transmitting devices in schools for commercial purposes
25 Oct 2000Hon LAU Kong-wahSupply and demand for primary school places
18 Oct 2000Hon CHAN Kwok-keungTermination by statutory bodies of employees who have been declared bankrupt by the court
26 Jun 2000Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungParent education
21 Jun 2000The Hon TSANG Yok-singParticipation in the Kindergarten Subsidy Scheme
14 Jun 2000Hon Ambrose LAUInitiatives to improves the job placement work of the Labour Department
14 Jun 2000Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungPercentage target set for qualified teachers of kindergartens
14 Jun 2000Hon Emily LAUProsecution of kindergarten operators for overcharging and over-enrolment of pupils
14 Jun 2000Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongSchooling of school-age ethnic Nepalese children and youths
14 Jun 2000Hon SIN Chung-kaiSelection of IT character input method
14 Jun 2000Hon Emily LAUVoucher scheme for tertiary education
07 Jun 2000Hon Michael HODemand and supply of medical, nursing and allied health professionals
07 Jun 2000Hon CHENG Kai-namSchooling arrangement for Mainland Children allowed to stay in Hong Kong on temporary permit
31 May 2000Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungNew admission mechanisms for Primary One and Secondary One
24 May 2000Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongDemand and supply of kindergartens
24 May 2000Hon David LILanguage Benchmark assessments
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