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Secondary Maths Syllabus 1999


Syllabuses for Secondary Schools


Secondary 1 - 5



Membership Of The CDC Mathematics Subject Committee (Secondary)


Chapter 1     Introduction

Chapter 2     Aims And Objectives

Chapter 3     Organizing The Mathematics Curriculum

Chapter 4     Learning Targets And Objectives

4.1     An Overview Of Learning Targets

4.2     An Overview Of Learning Modules And Units

4.3     Learning Objectives For Key Stage 3 (S1-S3)

4.3.1     Number And Algebra Dimension

4.3.2     Measures, Shape And Space Dimension

4.3.3     Data Handling Dimension

4.4     Learning Objectives For Key Stage 4 (S4 -S5)

4.4.1     Number And Algebra Dimension

4.4.2     Measures, Shape And Space Dimension

4.4.3     Data Handling Dimension

4.4.4     Further Applications Module

Chapter 5     Teaching Suggestions

Chapter 6     Assessment

Annex I        Learning Targets and Learning Objectives for Key Stages 1 and 2

Annex II       An Overview of Learning Dimensions and Modules for Key Stages 3 and 4

Annex III      The Flowchart of Learning Units for Secondary School Mathematics Curriculum

The curriculum contents for Key Stage 4 (S4-S5) in this document are obsolete.

Last revision date: 04 February 2014
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