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Non-profit-making Kindergarten Rent Reimbursement Scheme

(A)  Cut-off Point Data (2016-18 Monitoring Cycle)


1.  School Fees Cut-off Point


To be eligible for continuation of rent reimbursement, a kindergarten (KG) should be non-profit-making (NPM) and charge school fee at a level not higher than $34,850 per student per annum (pspa) for half-day session (not higher than $69,700 pspa for whole-day class) in the 2016/17 school year.


2.  Rental Cut-off Rates


To be eligible for continuation of rent reimbursement, a KG should have a rental cost pspa not higher than the respective rental cut-off rate applicable to the KG.


Six Rental Cut-off Rates based on the type of the KG premises are as follows :


Hong Kong Region

Estate KGs

$ 6,546 pspa

Hong Kong Region

Non-estate KGs

$ 14,389 pspa

Kowloon Region

Estate KGs

$ 4,840 pspa

Kowloon Region

Non-estate KGs

$8,607 pspa

New Territories Region

Estate KGs

$4,924 pspa

New Territories Region

Non-estate KGs

$11,869 pspa


Kindergartens may refer to EDB Circular No. 2/2004 for more details of the Scheme.


(B)  Frequently Asked Questions



What are the eligibility criteria of a NPM KG for continuation of rent reimbursement in the monitoring cycle?


The eligibility criteria are listed as follows :

(a)     the operating standard of the KG;

(b)     the curriculum standard of the KG;

(c)     the standard of the school premises;

(d)     compliance with the Education Ordinance and Education Regulations, administrative directives; and

(e)     other factors (including the demand of KG places in the districts, enrolment capacity, financial implications, school fees level and rental cost, etc.)

To be eligible for rent reimbursement, a KG must also first fulfill the following two conditions under the “other factors” :

(f)       charging school fee at a level below a cut-off point determined by EDB;

(g)     having a rental cost pspa not higher than the rental cut-off rate(s) determined by EDB.



Will all eligible NPM KGs be granted full rent reimbursement?


Starting from the 2004/05 school year, the actual amount of rent to be reimbursed for all eligible KGs approved by EDB will be determined by its fill-up rate.  A KG having a fill-up rate of 50% or above will be granted full reimbursement of the rent approved by EDB whereas a KG having a fill-up rate below 50% will receive 50% reimbursement of the rent approved by EDB.




When will NPM KGs in receipt of rent reimbursement be informed that they are not fulfilling the eligibility criteria and/or various cut-off rates?


The first assessment will be conducted according to the data as of September of the first school year of the monitoring cycle.  EDB will inform the possibly affected KGs in the first assessment by letter in February or March of the school year concerned.




Will EDB re-assess the possibly affected KGs as short-listed in the first assessment?


Yes, these possibly affected KGs will be re-assessed based on the same set of criteria and cut-off points as announced in the first school year of the monitoring cycle against their actual situations in the next school year of the monitoring cycle.




If the KGs concerned cannot fulfil the eligibility criteria including the various cut-off points after the second assessment, when will rent reimbursement of these KGs be ceased or reduced?


After the second assessment, EDB will inform the KGs not fulfilling the eligibility criteria by letter and the rent reimbursement will either be ceased or reduced during the next monitoring cycle.




For those affected KGs under ther past monitoring cycle that already have rent reimbursement ceased or reduced in the current monitoring cycle, will their rent reimbursement be resumed at the start of the next monitoring cycle?


As for those affected KGs already have their rent reimbursement ceased in past monitoring cycle, the KGs have to apply as new applications and the set of eligibility criteria is the same as those for continuation of rent reimbursement.

For those affected KGs with their rent reimbursement reduced during the current monitoring cycle, the rent reimbursement will be resumed at the start of the next monitoring cycle subject to their meeting various criteria under the current monitoring cycle.  However, the KGs will be assessed according to the set normal procedures in the next monitoring cycle.




If the KGs fail to meet the rental cut-off rates attributable to high rental cost, what improvement measures may the possibly affected KGs take in order to stay in the rent reimbursement scheme?


The possibly affected KGs may consider negotiating with their landlord for rent reduction, surrendering part of the premises to cater for the actual operation size, etc. EDB will consider according to the prescribed set of eligibility criteria.   




Will the cessation or reduction of rent subsidies affect the reimbursement of rates and/or government rent?


No, only the rent subsidy will be affected.  NPM KGs are eligible for rates and/or government rent reimbursement in the recognised school accommodation (that is, school portion only) upon application.


January 2017

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