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References on Acceptance of Advantages and Donations by Schools and Their Staff


Under Section 9 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (POBO), it is an offence for an employee to accept, without his/her employer's permission, an advantage as an inducement to or reward for doing or not doing an act in relation to the employer's business. The person who offers the advantage shall also be guilty of an offence.

The School Management Committees (SMCs) /Incorporated Management Committees (IMCs) as the managers and employers of their teaching and non-teaching staff, have the responsibility to formulate policies and issue clear guidelines for their schools and staff on the acceptance of advantages and donations. SMCs/IMCs should ensure that their schools are being managed and operated in a fair and just way by implementing proper policies in administration areas including student admission, appointment and promotion of staff, purchase of goods/services, and selection of suppliers/contractors. As schools have a strong influence on young people, the SMCs/IMCs should set themselves as role models. They should promote a fair and just atmosphere in schools and should also ensure that their schools and staff are in every way above suspicion of doubtful practice. School managers, teachers and staff are expected to have a high standard of integrity by members of public.


Education Bureau Circular

 *  Education Bureau Circular No.14/2003 on Acceptance of Advantages and Donations by Schools and their Staff  PDF
 *  Education Bureau Circular Memorandum No.172/2015 on The Implementation of the Policy of Debundling Textbooks
     and Teaching/Learning Materials for Pricing PDF
 *  Education Bureau Circular Memorandum No.30/2019 on Selection of Quality Textbooks and Learning
     and Teaching Resources for Use in Schools  PDF 
Relevant Sections of "The Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, Cap 201"

Resources from the Independent Commission Against Corruption


 *  "Best Practices Checklist - Governance and Internal Control in Schools" PDF  Update

    Sample Codes of Conduct  Update

      for school staff  MS Word  /  for school managers  MS Word   

    Sample Forms / Letters / Examples  Update


    - Declaration of Conflict of Interest
       for school staff  MS Word  /  for school managers  MS Word

    - Report on Advantages Received

      for school staff  MS Word  /  for school managers  MS Word  

    - Examples of Conflict of Interest Situations

       for school staff  MS Word  /  for school managers  MS Word


Other Sample Forms



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