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Existing Provisions


*  Comprehensive Student Guidance Service (CSGS)


Comprehensive Student Guidance Service (CSGS)

Target of service:

For ordinary primary pupils (including NCS pupils)

Scope of service:

CSGS includes the following four domains of service, namely Policy and Organization, Supportive Service, Personal Growth Education and Responsive Service. Working closely with all school staff, parents and members of the community, the student guidance personnel provide comprehensive guidance service to students in order to help them achieve whole-person development and life-long learning. There will be an all-round development of students in their moral, cognitive, physical, social and artistic build-up. Moreover, they will also develop self-learning attitude, critical thinking, creativity and adaptability so as to meet with life challenges.

Application method:

For government, aided and private primary schools, EDB, with reference to their mode of subsidy, number of operating classes and choices of the sponsoring bodies, will allocate to schools different modes of resources such as Student Guidance Service Grant, Student Guidance Teachers or Student Guidance Officers for the delivery of the CSGS. For primary schools under the Direct Subsidy Scheme and primary schools running full-time Initiation Programme for Newly Arrived Children, they will be provided with additional resources under the existing procedures of calculating and disbursing the subsidy to improve the student guidance service. (For details, please refer to the Education Bureau Circular No. 19/2003 / the latest Circular)


HK: 2863 4618
KLN: 3698 4108
NTE: 2863 4686
NTW: 2863 4684
Enquiry: 2863 4706


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