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References and Resources: History


The teaching resources prepared by scholars and teachers, etc. are for the reference of teachers only. They do not represent the stance of the EDB.

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Introduction to the Senior Secondary PSHE Subjects – History Windows Media Player
An English-Chinese Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in the Teaching of History in Secondary Schools PDF
History Trip Go Easy: Cheung Chau Jiao Festival (Mobile App) Read more
Learning and Teaching Resource Pack for Secondary History
Curriculum Case Study of Local Heritage Studies : Cheung Chau Jiao Festival
Read more
Historical Images of Modern China - Selections of the Hsu Chung Mao Collection  Read more
The 70th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression: Selections from the Hsu Chung Mao Collection Read more
Learning and Teaching Resource Pack for Secondary History Curriculum—How to cater for learning diversity in History class Read more
Learning and Teaching Resources - Junior Secondary
Building Global Perspectives – New Resources for 23 major topics in World History Read more
Teaching Thinking for Effective Learning in History: Sample Tasks and Sample Assessment Tasks Download ZIP
Learning and Teaching Resources - Senior Secondary
Learning and Teaching Resource Package on History Drama 'One Stormy Night' (Cross-KLA collaborative project between Chinese Language Education and Personal, Social and Humanities Education Sections) Read more
Modernisation and Transformation in 20th-Century Southeast Asia Read more
Twentieth Century China: Modernisation and Transformation : Lecture notes(Dr Alfred LIN) PDF PDF PDF PDF  
Learning and Teaching Resource Pack on Senior Secondary History Curriculum (S4-6): “A Study of Cultural Heritage”  Read more
Learning and Teaching Resource Pack for Senior Secondary History Curriculum- INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AND REGIONAL POLITICS SINCE 1945 Read more
Examples of Books on Cultural Development of Hong Kong PDF
Professional Development Programmes and related reference materials
Read more


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