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Enhanced NET Scheme in Secondary Schools

Roles and Responsibilities of the School Stakeholders



  • is familiar with the objectives of the Scheme
  • deploys the NET considering their professional experience and expertise
  • promotes effective professional collaboration between the NET and other English Panel Members
  • supports school-based evaluation of the Scheme
  • encourages networking among schools when appropriate
  • adopts an open and positive attitude towards changes and innovative practices in English language learning and teaching
  • is aware of the NET’s language and cultural needs in staff meetings
  • establishes communication links with the NET wherever possible
  • defines and explains clearly the role of the NET to members of the school community
  • submits a NET deployment plan to the NET Section when required


English Panel Chair (EPC)

  • cultivates a culture of co-planning and co-teaching in English language learning and teaching
  • provides mentoring for a new NET
  • inform the NET of relevant curriculum documents and priorities of the English Panel
  • adopts a positive and open attitude towards innovative learning and teaching strategies
  • supports collaboration among teachers by providing time for sharing good practices in English panel meetings
  • reviews and adjusts deployment to enhance the effectiveness of the NET
  • provides regular performance feedback to the NET
  • provides opportunities for the NET to take on duties outside leave periods


Native-speaking English Teacher (NET)

  • collaborates with English Panel Members to co-plan and/or co-teach
  • undertakes assigned teaching duties and implements good teaching practices
  • contributes to school-based curriculum development and professional development activities
  • is an active and contributing member of a school learning community
  • advises colleagues on the current use of English and how it is shaped by culture
  • organises and conducts co-curricular activities related to English learning and teaching
  • attends relevant professional development activities organised and conducted by the NET Section and disseminates the information to the English panel
  • is sensitive to the culture and needs of students and school personnel
  • is aware of the professional support provided by the NET Section


English Panel Members (EPM)

  • support actively and facilitate the implementation of the Scheme
  • attend relevant professional development activities organised by the NET Section, and disseminate the information to the English Panel
  • collaborate with the NET when participating in NET Section projects or competitions


Last revision date: 04 February 2014
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