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Special Education Services



In Hong Kong, a full range of special education services is provided by the Education Bureau for school children.  Most of the services are now school-based, and the Special Education Services Centres in Kowloon Tong and  Kwai Chung also render some of the services such as referral and placement services and centre-based support service.


The primary aim of the provision of these services is to identify children with special educational needs at an early stage so that intervention measures can be taken to prevent a mild problem from aggravating.    


The following is a brief summary of the services available :

 (1) Special Education Support Services

  • ­In-service training programmes and professional development courses/seminars/workshops on special education for teachers of special schools and ordinary schools
  • Professional support for public-sector ordinary schools to implement a Whole School Approach to cater for students’ diverse learning needs
  • Promotion of professional development and collaboration among special schools to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning
  • Seminars on special education for educational and other professional institutions


(2) Referral and Placement Services

  • Professional advice on school placement for parents of children with special educational needs, and referral of the children with more severe or multiple disabilities to special schools according to their individual needs, the assessment and recommendation of specialists as well as parents’ consent


(3) Special Education Resource Centre (Website :

• Provision of information and teaching resources on special education for the general public through the website of the centre


• Provision of computers, multi-media equipment and library service for teachers to retrieve teaching and learning resources and produce teaching materials


(4) Audiological Service

• School-based support service for students with hearing impairment (HI)
­ Professional consultation to schools regarding the hearing, adaptation, communication, and teaching and learning problems of students with HI
­• Training and counselling to teachers, school personnel and parents of students with HI
­• Audiological support services for students with HI requiring the use of hearing aid(s)
­• Development of resources for supporting HI
*  If children are suspected of having HI, parents are advised to seek medical consultation for their children as soon as possible.  When necessary, students with persistent HI will be referred by the professionals concerned to the Speech and Hearing Services Section for follow-up.


(5) Speech Therapy Service

• ­School-based speech therapy services for students with speech and language impairments (SLI)
­• Professional support services and consultation to schools in the implementation and monitoring of school-based speech therapy services
­• Professional consultation to school-based speech therapists in ordinary and special schools
­• Organization of professional development activities for school-based speech therapists, teachers and school personnel
­• Development of resources to support SLI
* If children are suspected of having SLI, parents may approach their children’s schools for assistance.  When necessary, students will be referred by the school to the school-based speech therapist for further assessment and follow-up services.


(6) Educational Psychology Service

• Psycho-educational assessment and intervention for students with learning, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties
­• Consultation to school personnel on the provision of appropriate support services for students with special educational needs
­• Professional support to schools in adopting a 3-Tier Intervention Model to cater for students’ special educational needs
­• Development of screening and assessment tools as well as teaching resources to support students with special  educational needs
­• Training activities for school personnel and other stakeholders to enhance knowledge and skills in meeting the special educational needs of students
­• Crisis management support for schools
* Parents with children having learning, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties could approach the Special Educational Needs Coordinator/Student Support Team Coordinator, student guidance personnel, school social worker or guidance teacher of the school for advice and support.  When needed, schools may refer these students to educational psychologists for consultation and assessment.


(7) School-based Support Service

• An inspector from Education Bureau is assigned to each public-sector ordinary primary school and secondary school to serve as a resource person to help schools promote the inclusive culture and develop school-based policy for supporting students with special educational needs.


(8)  Centre-based Support Service

• Short-term centre-based Adjustment Programmes are provided for public sector primary and secondary school students who continuously show severe adjustment difficulties even after they have received school-based intervention.


(9) The School Partnership Scheme

• Resource Schools on Whole School Approach (RS-WSA), Special Schools cum Resource Centres (SSRC) and Special Schools cum Resource Centres (Schools for Social Development) (SSRC(SSD)) are established to provide network support for students with special educational needs through teacher empowerment, on-site support and sharing of experience and resources.  In the 2017/18 and 2018/19 school years, there are 8 primary RS-WSA, 6 secondary RS-WSA, 10 SSRC and 7 SSRC(SSD).  Some SSRC also offer short-term attachment programmes mainly for ordinary school students with intellectual disability and severe adjustment difficulties on a need basis. For details, please refer to Education Bureau Circular Memorandum No. 154/2017. (


(10) Other Services

(a) Special Examination Arrangements

• Advice on the special examination arrangements for students with different types of special educational needs


(b) Training for Professional Trainees

• Supervision for trainees of educational psychology, speech therapy and audiology

(c) Advisory Service

• Professional advice for pre-school centres, special and ordinary schools, non-governmental organisations and government departments on the education services for children with special educational needs


Schools, parents and professional workers may contact the following Special Education Services Centres for enquiries regarding special education services:


Special Education Services General Office,   
Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre,    
Room W240, 2/F, West Block, 19 Suffolk Road,
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon
Tel No.  3698 3957
Fax No. 2711 9644


Ha Kwai Chung Special Education Services Centre, 
4/F, 77 Lai Cho Road, 
Kwai Chung,
Tel No. 2307 6251
Fax No. 2744 5315


More information on Whole School Approach to integrated education can be found at the following webpage:


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