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Understanding Adolescent Project (Primary)

1. Administrative Arrangement

  Bullet Point  Issues of Concern Chinese PDF

  Bullet Point  Integration with the Comprehensive Student Guidance Service Chinese PDF


  Bullet Point  Programme Evaluation

  Bullet Point  Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Chinese PDF

  Bullet Point  Application Procedure in UAP Portal Chinese PDF

  Bullet Point  Manual of "Hong Kong Student Information Form" Chinese PDF


       2018/19 School Year

  Bullet Point  EDB Circular Memorandum No. 47/2018 Understanding Adolescent Project (Primary) 2018/19 PDF New


  Bullet Point  Enhancing primary students' resilience with UAP – Briefing and Sharing Session for 2018/19 Scheme (2018.3.23)

      Bullet Point  Sharing 1 : Whole School Approach for UAP to cater students' need and "Let's Make a Difference" - SKH St. Thomas' Primary School Chinese

      Bullet Point  Sharing 2 : "UAP Guides Award Scheme" in school - Conservative Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School Chinese

      Bullet Point  2018/19 Grant Application Chinese


       2017/18 School Year

  Bullet Point  Rates of the UAP Grant 2017/18 PDF 


2. Introduction of the Project Chinese WORD 


3. Users' Manuals in the Resource Package (Chinese version only) (I to III)

  Bullet Point  Rationales, Contents and Operation Chinese  WORD

  Bullet Point  Universal Programme (UP)

  Bullet Point  Intensive Programme (IP) Chinese WORD


4. Guidelines and Programmes of IP (Chinese version only)

  Bullet Point  Objectives and Contents   

  Bullet Point  Teacher Training (school-based)

  Bullet Point  P.4 Intensive Programme

  Bullet Point  P.5 and P.6 Booster Programme

  Bullet Point  All P.4 to P.6 Programme (550 pages for downloadingChinese PDF

  Bullet Point  Student Handbook (IP)

  Bullet Point  Workers' Note


5. Thematic Sharing

  Bullet Point  Resilience PDF

      Constructing School Resilience Culture

    Bullet Point The Conceptual Framework of 'Resilience' Chinese PDF


  Bullet Point  “UAP Guides” Award Scheme Chinese PDF


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