Corner for Incorporated Management Committee Schools




 Code of Aid and Related Documents for Aided IMC Schools

 *  Code of Aid for Aided Schools (Release 1.13) * PDF (427 KB) Update
 *  Compendium to Code of Aid for Aided Schools (Release 1.13a) * PDF (968 KB) Update
 *  Supplement to School Administration Guide * PDF (262 KB) Update
 *  (The 3 documents listed above are effective for implementation by the aided IMC schools commencing the beginning of the school year subsequent to the incorporation of the IMCs.)
 *  School Administration Guide 
 *  Review Report of the Task Force on School-based Management Policy PDF new
 *  Daily Operations
 *  Post-Establishment Agenda for Incorporated Management Committee MS Word (61 KB)  
 *  Declaration and Disclosure of Interests by Manager 
 *  Certificate of Incorporation and Common Seal of IMC 
 *  Functions of Supervisor and Delegation of functions
 *  Selection of Principal 

 Constitution of IMC and the Amendment 

   *   Section 40AY of the Education Ordinance
 *  Incorporated Management Committee Liabilities Insurance Policy
 *  Handy Tips 


IMC Operation Financial Management Personnel Management
*  Good Governance  PDF(26 KB)

*  Participation of Stakeholders in School Administration PDF(301 KB) 


*  Roles and Functions of IMCs PDF(231 KB) Update

*  Manager Elections PDF(44 KB)

*  Code of Ethics of IMC Managers PDF (19 KB)

[revised version is coming soon]

*  IMC Meetings PDF(27KB) Update


*   Legislative Requirements Related to the Operation of IMCs - Key Reminders PDF (86 KB) Update






*  Guide to Financial Management  PDF(152 KB)

*  Points to Note on Financial Management of Aided Schools PDF(32.6 KB)

*  Procurement of Stores and Services  PDF(86.8 KB)

*  Trading Operations PDF(80.3 KB)

*  Expanded Operating Expenses Block Grant PDF(30.7 KB)

*  Teacher Relief Grant PDF(22.2 KB)

Applicable to IMC Schools:

*  Personnel Management PDF(21.9 KB)

    *  Withholding Salary Increment PDF(24.8 KB)

    *  Change of Rank Within Grade PDF(24.3 KB)

    *  Direct Appointment of Staff to Promotion Ranks PDF(22.6 KB)

    *  No-Pay Leave  PDF(23.9 KB)

    *  Other Acceptable/Equivalent Training Courses for Promotion Purposes PDF(72.6 KB)

    *  Termination of Employment PDF(25.8 KB)


Applicable to SMC and IMC Schools:

*  Regrading and Promotion Chinese Version Only

*  Sick Leave Management Chinese Version Only

*  Teacher Performance Management PDF

    (225 KB) Update




 *  Summary of Q & As on Matters Concerning IMC PDF (486 KB) Chinese Version Only  
 * Transitional Arrangements 
 *   Manual for Change-over Arrangements (Version 2.5) PDF (280 KB) Update
 *  Guidelines on Differentiation of School Funds and Assets before the Establishment of an Incorporated Management Committee  PDF (28 KB) 
 *  Notification of Bank Account MS Word (34 KB)
 *  Claim Form for Reimbursement of relevant expenses on a need basis for meeting the expenditure incurred for the operation of the IMC 
 *   2018/19 School Year - For Aided Schools with IMC Established in the 2017/18 School Year MS Word (56KB) 
 *  Sample for completion of reimbursement claim form PDF (71 KB)  


 *  Financial Management
 *  Guide to Financial Management for Aided Schools Operated by Incorporated Management Committees PDF (359 KB)
 *  Basic principles in relation to raising funds and entering into contract, agreement or arrangement involving funds other than funds received from the Government PDF (22 KB)
 *  Expanded Operating Expenses Block Grant
 *  Teacher Relief Grant  
 *  One-off Cash Grant PDF (13 KB) 
 *  Audited Accounts 
 *  EDB Circular No. 5/2014 "Appointment of Auditors and Audit Engagement Letter"
 *  Sample Audit Engagement Letter MS Word (52 KB)
 *  Secondary Schools Financial Management Forum Q&A  (Co-organised by Yuen Long District School Development Section and the Association of Heads of Secondary Schools of Yuen Long District in 2007) MS Word (39 KB) Chinese Version Only
 *  Briefing on Change-over Arrangements and Personnel & Financial Management - Q&As (Updated on Feb 2017) PDF(221 KB) Chinese Version Only
 *  Briefing Session
*  Application for Reimbursement of Relevant Expenses Incurred for the Operation of IMC (26/06/2014) PDF (2.79MB)
 *  Changeover Arrangements for Aided Schools Establishing an IMC (28/4/2015) MS Power Point (731 KB) Chinese Version Only 
 *  Personnel and Financial Management for Aided Schools with an IMC (28/4/2015) MS Power Point (1.05 MB) Chinese Version Only 
 *  Tools to Facilitate Effective School Operation (Jan 2017) MS Power Point (1.68 MB) Chinese Version OnlyUpdate
 *  Experience Sharing by School - IMC Operation (28/4/2015) MS Power Point (221KB) Chinese Version Only
 *  Experience Sharing by School - IMC Operation (30/4/2014) MS Power Point (6.77 MB) Chinese Version Only

 Experience Sharing by School - Procedures and Relevant Experience for IMC Establishment (30/4/2013) MS Power Point (1.18 MB) Chinese Version Only

 *  IMC and the related support measures (15/7/2010)  MS Power Point (2.8 MB) Chinese Version Only
 *  Preparation of the establishment of IMC (15/7/2010) MS Power Point (811 KB) Chinese Version Only








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