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Starting from 2015/16 school year, the relevant training materials could be downloaded below:

Year           Date           Name of Programme          Materials         

11 Oct 2017 &

13 Oct 2017

Incorporated Management Committee Liability Insurance Policy (IMCLIP)

   Part 1   Part 2   Chinese
  22 Mar 2018

Ex-officio & Teacher Managers Sharing Session: 

Cooperative Working Atmosphere for School Development

   Part 1      Chinese
  26 Apr 2018

Supervisors; Sponsoring Body, Independent & Alumni Managers Sharing Session:

Strategic Leadership for School Governance

   Part 1   Part 3   Chinese
  30 Apr 2018

Parent Managers Sharing Session:

Home-school Cooperation for Participatory Governance

         Chinese Only

   PDF   PDF   PDF  


Year            Date           Name of Programme           Materials         
2016/17 23 Feb 2017

Constitutional Status of the Basic Law and Basic Law Education

   Part 1   Part 2   Chinese
  30 Mar 2017

Parent Manager Sharing Session (Theme: Healthy School and

Positive Development of Students)

   Part 1   Part 3   Chinese
  5 Apr 2017

Teacher Manager Sharing Session (Theme: School Managers'

Strategic Leadership for School Development)

   Part 1   Part 3   Chinese
  28 Jun 2017

Legal Matters - Overview of Legislation Related to

School Management and Key Reminders on Code of Aid

   PDF   PDF   Chinese Only

   PDF **   PDF   PDF  

                                             ** The Education Bureau Circular No. 10/2017 "Optimising the Use of Teaching Manpower Resources"

                                                        dated 20 July 2017 will be updated as and when needed.  Schools should pay attention to the

                                                        content of the most recent circular.


 Year  Date

 Name of Programme



2015/16    Mar to Apr 2016  

2015/16 School Year - Manager Sharing Sessions

   Manager Sharing Sessions_Part 1   Manager Sharing Sessions_Conclusion   Chinese only

 28 Jun 2016  

How to Enhance the Learning and Teaching Effectivemess?

(A) Assessment for Learning: Theory and Practical Experience 

(B) Basic Competency Assessment and Assessment Literacy

   Thematic   Thematic   Chinese Only  



The above training materials would be kept for 3 school years only.


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