School-based Management and School-based Management Governance Framework


Introduction  PDF (215 KB) [revised version is coming soon]
 Composition of Incorporated Management Committee
SBM Consultation Documents, Ordinance and Circulars of the Establishment of IMC
    * School-based Management Consultation Document - Transforming Schools Into Dynamic and Accountable Professional Learning Communities (2000) PDF (342 KB)
    * Education (Amendment) Ordinance 2004 PDF (210 KB)
    * EDBC 5/2009 dated 22 May 2009 on Extension of Deadline for Submission of Draft Constitutions of Incorporated Management Committees PDF (13 KB) 
    Extracts of Provisions in Relation to IMC Schools 
     *  Protection and Flexibility Enjoyed by IMC Schools PDF (117 KB)
     *  Transfer of Responsibilities from Supervisor to IMC PDF (34 KB) 
     *  Transfer of Responsibilities from Supervisor to Principal in IMC Schools PDF (18 KB)
Briefing Sessions on the Amendment Ordinance (27 September, 5, 7 & 16 October 2004)




Report on Review of Implementation and Operation of Incorporated Management Committees (2009)
* Executive Summary PDF (2.6 MB)














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