Amendment to Constitutions of Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association


For a Parent-teacher Association to be recognized by the IMC and nominate parent manager(s), its constitution shall set out :



only parents of current pupils of the school; or serving teachers of the school, may elect or become office-bearers of the association



Related Provision:




For an Alumni Association to be recognized by the IMC and nominate alumni manager(s), its constitution shall set out :



 * membership is open to all alumni


 * only alumni of the school may elect office-bearers of the association


 * only alumni of the school may become office-bearers of the association


 * system for alumni manager election is fair and transparent



Related Provision:




To facilitate the operation of the IMC, the Parent-teacher Association and Alumni Association should also :



 * amend any provisions in their constitution which conflict with the operation of the IMC
 * prepare for the detailed arrangement of the manager election



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