Contract Arrangements before Establishment of IMC


Before the establishment of the IMC, schools may have to enter into contracts with suppliers or service providers, please note :  


 * contracts signed between schools and suppliers or service providers are not affected by the establishment of the IMC

any person being authorised in writing by the school management committee or the school sponsoring body to enter into a contract with a supplier or a service provider, shall inform the other party that the school management committee of the school will be incorporated as an IMC under the Ordinance


signed contracts will be transferred from the school management committee/school sponsoring body to the IMC and the other terms and conditions of the contracts will remain unchanged

 * without definite date for the establishment of the IMC, long-term commitments should be avoided
 * if it is expected that the school will or may set up an IMC during the contract period, the school should inform the other party in order to avoid making separate arrangements for the continuation of the relevant contracts after the establishment of the IMC





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