References for School-based Management and Forms


 School-based Management Documents
 *   What is SBM? PDF (4,424 KB)    
 * Incorporated Management Committee - Establishment and Operation PDF (1,786 KB)  
 * Tips for School Managers PDF (3,033 KB)   
  Tips for School Managers (Web Version)  
 * School Managers' Handbook PDF (874 KB) 
 *   Samples and Forms
Sample Constitution for IMCs (as at 22/04/2014) MS Word (96 KB)
 * Sample Recognition Letter to Parent-Teacher Association MS Word (20 KB)
 * Sample Recognition Letter to Alumni Association MS Word (21 KB)  
 * Form IMC-1: Notice of Intention to Establish Incorporated Management Committee
                        *  For Operating Schools (Form IMC-1a)
                        *  For Planned Schools (Form IMC-1b)
 * Form IMC-2: Submission of Draft Constitution of Incorporated Management Committee
                        *  For Operating Schools (Form IMC-2a)
                        *  For Planned Schools (Form IMC-2b)
 * Form IMC-3: List of Proposed Managers
 * Form IMC-4: Notice of Assumption of Office of First Supervisor/Supervisor/Acting Supervisor
 * Form IMC-5: Notice of Resignation, etc of Manager
 * Form IMC-6: Notice of Vacation of Office of Manager
 * Form 6A: Application of Registration as a Manager
 * CCR Proforma: Proforma on Criminal Conviction Records for Application for Renewal of Tenure of Office of a Manager
*   Manager of Incorporated Management Committee
 *   Statutory Requirements for Parent Manager Election MS Power Point (190 KB) Chinese Version Only
 * Guide for Manager Election  
  *  Guide for Teacher Manager Election (as at 31/10/2014) PDF (156 KB)
  *  Guide for Parent Manager Election (as at 31/10/2014) PDF  (291 KB) 
  *  Guide for Alumni Manager Election (as at 4/11/2015) PDF (497 KB)
  *  Ethical Conduct Required in Manager Election PDF (9 KB)
 * Information Sheet 
  * Application for Medical Certificate PDF (15 KB) 
  * Civil Servants Applying to Serve as School Manager MS Word (49 KB) 
*   Other Reference Materials
 *   School Administration Guide 
 * Teacher Performance Management 


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