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General Studies for Primary Schools - References and Resources


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Safety Handbook for General Studies for Primary Schools PDF
General Studies Internal Assessment Guide for Schools Chinese Version Only PDF
Parents' Leaflet on General Studies for Primary SchoolsChinese Version Only Read more
Let's Learn the Basic Law: Basic Law Learning Package (Senior Primary) Chinese Version Only  Read more

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Promoting Chinese Culture through Service Learning Chinese Version Only This exemplar raises students’ sense of national identity through service learning strategies. Students acquire valuable learning experience by means of enquiry, planning activities and serving the school. Read more 
Robot-Challenge in the Classroom Chinese Version Only This exemplar cultivates students’ learning interest and enquiry for science and technology by diversified enquiry-based learning activities. The learning activities hence stimulate their creativity and critical thinking skills. Read more 
People Who Serve Us Chinese Version Only This exemplar shows the use of community resources to broaden students’ horizon and provide Primary 2 students with life-wide learning experience. This exemplar, thus, raises their ability to enquiry. Read more 
Revitalization of Wan Chai District Chinese Version Only This exemplar is project learning regarding the use of community resources for facilitating students’ learning. Students develop enquiry and independent learning capabilities through different learning experience. Read more 
We Can Do It - Fighting Influenza! Chinese Version Only This set of teaching materials is designed to match with the strand “Health and Living” in General Studies. It aims to help students learn more about influenza and its prevention, and to build a positive attitude and values to fight against influenza and keep ourselves healthy. Read more 
Be a Smart Citizen Chinese Version Only  This exemplar using a number of interesting and innovative topics and learning activities in appropriate situations is able to raise students’ critical thinking skills and creativity. Read more
To Be Young Docents Chinese Version Only This exemplar provides three learning programmes of different enquiry themes. This helps students have in-depth understanding of the lifestyle and culture in local community and the related history through service learning. This enhances their sense of belonging to the community. Read more
Examples of General Studies and Cross-curricunlar Learnig Activities  Chinese Version Only  There are four examples of learning activities in total. Three of them are examples of General Studies learning activities. Through these activities, students respectively understand the work of different occupations and appreciate their contribution to the society; understand the effect of quick evaporation of sweat on the athletes’ body temperature; and also, develop attitudes to care for the society and respect others through visiting the elderly in the elderly centres. In addition, there is an example of cross-subject project learning, through which, students understand the living condition and cultural features of different races. Read more
Young Fashion Designers Chinese Version Only This exemplar is designed to match with the strand “Community and Citizenship”. It provides students with opportunities to practise, so as to develop students’ generic skills. Read more
Adventure in the Sun's Kingdom (Technology Learning Activity)  Chinese Version Only This exemplar, through hands-on and minds-on learning activities, cultivates students’ curiosity and interest for the relevant strands and develops students’ generic skills, such as creativity, critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. Read more
Exemplars on Design and Implementation of Science and Technology Learning Activities in General Studies of Primary Schools Chinese Version Only This exemplar consists of four authentic cases from three perspectives, namely “Design of Lessons”, “Evaluation of Learning and Teaching” and “Learning and Teaching resources”, explaining how to design and implement technology learning activities in General Studies lessons in different year levels. Read more
School-based Curriculum Planning in General Studies Chinese Version Only This exemplar is related to the general planning and design of the school-based curriculum. It helps teachers design curriculum in different year levels, assess students’ performance and reflect on the effectiveness of teaching. Read more
Designing School-based Curriculum in General Studies Chinese Version Only This exemplar is a design of Primary 1 General Studies school-based curriculum. The curriculum design is based on the advantages of the previous curriculum and also fused with the environmental features of that school to meet the needs of the students in that school while matching the direction of the curriculum reform, which emphasises on developing the students’ generic skills and nurturing their learning attitudes. Read more
Curriculum Interface at Primary / Secondary Schools Chinese Version Only This exemplar shows how a school, starting from General Studies, helps students adapt to learning relevant subjects in junior secondary. Read more
Cross-subject Learning Module Chinese Version Only This exemplar is a cross-subject module for Primary 4, titled “Super Star in Technology”. Teachers, starting from the objectives and content of General Studies, conduct co-curricular learning with aims of Information Technology Education, Chinese Language Education and Moral and Civic Education taken into account. Read more
Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills Chinese Version Only This exemplar explains how to help students think from multiple perspectives in daily life situations through the learning module “Psychological Characteristics at Puberty” in Primary 5. Read more
Service Learning Chinese Version Only This exemplar is a set of learning and teaching design of Service Learning for Primary 6, titled “Promoting Chinese Culture through Service Learning”. Through Service Learning, it helps students to know more about Chinese culture and enhances their sense of belonging to the country while developing their study skills, communication skills, creativity, critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. Read more
Design of Extension of Learning on Sex Education Chinese Version Only This exemplar is a learning activity design related to protecting the body for Primary 5. Students learn to protect themselves and respect others through acquiring the concepts and preventions of “Sexual Harassment” and “Sexual Abuse”. Enquiry approach is the major learning and teaching strategy used and the learning activities include case discussion, questionnaire, scenario analysis and role play, etc. Read more
Observing the Nature Chinese Version Only This exemplar uses the activity “Exploring Trees” as the core to help students understand the appearance and the living environment of trees and the growing of leaves better through observation. Also, from the activity “Phenology”, students record the changes of trees in different stages and together with the weather data, students are able to understand the patterns in nature. Read more
Scientific Investigation Chinese Version Only This exemplar, using the impact of detergent on skin as an example, describes how teachers guide students to adopt scientific investigation to analyse problems encountered in daily life systematically. Read more
Technology Learning Activities Chinese Version Only This exemplar is a set of learning and teaching design of Technology Learning Activities for Primary 3, titled “Cold and Hot Vacuum Flask”. It encourages students to participate in the design process and nurtures their enquiry spirit and enquiry skills. Read more
Information Technology Learning Activities Chinese Version Only This exemplar is the design of lessons, which uses information technology to enhance enquiry, for Primary 5. The theme is the design and making of paper aeroplanes. Students first use online resources to learn the basic structures of different paper aeroplanes and the impacts of the designs on the flight performance. Then, they make paper aeroplanes themselves, carry out testing and improve the designs. Read more
Assessment in Inquiry-based Learning Chinese Version Only This exemplar introduces the features of enquiry-based learning and uses the scientific investigation topics in Primary 6 as examples to explain the precautions of assessments. Read more


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