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The Fourth Strategy on IT in Education - Enhancing Schools’ WiFi Infrastructure

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Tips on enhancing WiFi infrastructure


Q 1.

How could schools kick-start the WiFi infrastructure enhancement?


A 1.

Schools are advised to revisit the Expression of Interest Form ( and their school development plan:

  • Revisit the school development plan
  • Decide subject and level for kick-starting e-learning
  • Decide the WiFi coverage area (classroom, special rooms, library, etc) and number of users (e.g. 40 students in a classroom)
  • Engage stakeholders (SMC / IMC, teachers, parents)
  • Review school’s existing IT infrastructure
  • Draft service requirement, scheduling and quotation documents
  • Vet proposals, appoint contractor and start construction
  • Conduct system test and user acceptance test
  • Move on to e-learning


    Q 2.

    How do the Government support schools in enhancing their WiFi infrastructure?

    A 2.

    To facilitate schools in building up the necessary WiFi environment, a checklist and sample user requirement specifications has been provided for schools’ reference in conducting the procurement exercises for WiFi services.  A technical advisory team has also been set up under the IT in Education Section to provide technical advisory services to schools in vetting the bidders’ proposals and acceptance of construction works by contractors. The Government shall collect progress from schools and conduct school visits to provide suitable support.



    Q 3.

    What kind of service is being offered by the technical advisory team?

    A 3.

    Technical advisory team offers advice to assist schools to formulate user requirements and to assist schools to monitor the work of contractors in the buildup of the WiFi infrastructure.



    Q 4.

    Can schools make use of the technical advisory services if they choose to build up their WiFi infrastructure on their own?

    A 4.

    Yes. We also arrange professional development programmes to inform schools the details of building up the WiFi infrastructure under various models.



    Q 5.

    What are the criteria for vetting the proposals from potential contractors?

    A 5.

    Schools are advised to examine the proposal according to the service requirements outlined in the quotation specifications, including both standard provisions and add-on services. Schools are also encouraged to seek advices from the technical advisory team of EDB or experienced teachers of WiFi 100 schools.



    Q 6.

    How do I conduct the tests including system test and user acceptance test UAT) to ensure proper function of WiFi construction?


    A 6.

    A template of system test and UAT can be found at the website of WiFi900 ( While the system test should be carried out by the contractor, schools can customise the UAT to reflect the authentic use of WiFi during learning and teaching activities. For example, connecting to the Learning Management System, mobile apps, e-learning resources and e-textbooks, are typical use of WiFi in class and worth to be included in the UAT. Schools shall not sign-off the UAT unless all items listed in the tests are concluded and demonstrated satisfactorily. Schools may also contact the technical advisory team for assistance.



    Q 7.

    Should schools accept the bundling sale of WiFi services, tablet computers, e-learning resources, etc from service providers?


    A 7.

    Service providers should list the price of every single service or product for schools' reference and appropriate selection. Also, schools should not shift the cost of building up WiFi infrastructure to parents through the use of e-learning resources.






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