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Hong Kong School Drama Festival


 Hong Kong School Drama Festival


Video of 'Introduction to Hong Kong School Drama Festival'




Education Bureau Circular Memorandum No. 163/2019


Nomination Form of Basic Drama Training Course of Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2019/20


*For the arrangements of the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2019/20, please visit the website of the co-organiser Hong Kong Art School (


The Hong Kong School Drama Festival (the Festival) aims to encourage primary and secondary schools to develop drama as a regular co-curricular activity in school.  By participating in drama training and performance, students can achieve a balanced and whole-person development with enriched learning experiences.  The activity is partially subsidised by the Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon.  The events of the Festival will be organised in three phases, i.e. the Training Phase, the School Performance Phase and the Public Performance Phase.  To facilitate schools' production of plays in the School Performance Phase, participating primary and secondary schools will receive a cash grant for each drama team.  Each drama team invited to perform in the Public Performance Phase will be eligible for an additional cash grant.


Drama performances are categorised under three language groups:

Level Language Group  



  Cantonese   English  Putonghua 



Cantonese English Putonghua


Performance duration of each play:

Primary Schools: 15-20 minutes

Secondary Schools: 20-30 minutes


Points to Note

  • Any registered day secondary or primary school may apply.
  • Each school may join in more than one language group.
  • Two or more schools may jointly present a play.  In such case, schools will be regarded as one single unit for cash grant and awards. 
  • Schools can write their own scripts, use existing scripts or make use of scripts in adapted form.  In the latter case, schools should clear the copyright of the scripts used for their plays.
  • The organiser has the right to terminate plays which exceed the time limits. 
  • The play can only be performed by students of the participating schools while other people may be involved in the production work. 
  • The organiser reserves the rights to use the visual materials of the participating schools in the Festival, such as pictures, videos, texts, photos of activities, images, posters, pictures or audios, etc. for record and publicity purposes.  The media of promotion includes but is not limited to publications, websites and promotional materials.  Schools should include this note in the school circular. 


Schedule of the Festival

Phase  Date  Venue 



Training Phase


November - December 

(Basic Drama Training Course)

July - August

(Outstanding Student Drama Training Course )

Venues arranged by the




School Performance Phase


February - March 

School halls, activity room or other venues arranged by the participating schools 



Public Performance Phase 



Theatres or auditoriums managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department 



Training Phase:

  • The aim of the Basic Drama Training Course is to equip participants with basic principles and practices on drama. Schools may nominate teachers or other school representatives who are actively involved in the school drama teams to participate. 
  • The aim of the Outstanding Student Drama Training Course is to enhance student participants' skills of theatrical performance and the final scenes presentations will be held at the end of the courses.

School Performance Phase:

Participating schools will be grouped randomly according to different language groups.  Each school has to produce a play for adjudication on-site on a specified date as agreed.  Venues for the performance can be the school hall, activity room or other places arranged by the participating schools.  Please arrange audiences (students/parents) to attend the performance.  A post-performance talk will be conducted by the adjudicators right after the school performance. 

Public Performance Phase:

Drama teams with outstanding performances at the School Performance Phase will be invited to perform in the public.  Some of the prizes for the School Performance Phase will also be presented at the prize presentation ceremony in this Phase.


House programme of Public Performance 2018/19 


Prizes for the School Performance Phase

   Award for Outstanding Script

   Award for Outstanding Director

   Award for Outstanding Performer

   Award for Outstanding Stage Effect

   Award for Outstanding Cooperation

   Award for Commendable Overall Performance

   Adjudicators' Award


* Adjudicators may, at their absolute discretion, award the above prizes to schools and students.

* Only students or teachers (not including external tutors/alumni) of the participating schools are eligible for the Awards for Outstanding Script and Awards for Outstanding Director.  Only students of the participating schools are eligible for other awards.


School Drama Handbook (Available in Chinese version only)


Reference Scripts


School List of Public Performance







Last revision date: 31 October 2019
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