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NET Scheme - NET Appointment Matters

Appointment and Re-appointment


Please refer to EDB Circular Memorandum Nos. 38/2020 (NET Scheme in Primary Schools) and 39/2020 (Enhanced NET Scheme in Secondary Schools) on "Appointment and Re-appointment of Native-speaking English Teachers in the 2020/21 School Year" for details.


Please read the Personal Information Collection Statement attached in the above EDBCMs before completing the following forms.


  • Form A - Reply Proforma on Appointment of Native-speaking English Teachers (NETs)
    To be completed by all eligible aided schools, caput schools and special schools under the NET Scheme in the 2020/21 school year.
    [Primary Schools] [Secondary Schools]


  • Form B - Application of Serving NETs for New Appointment on Completion of Contract
    To be completed by serving NETs who have been recruited through the EDB recruitment boards and whose contracts will NOT be renewed upon expiry at the end of the 2019/20 school year.
    [Primary Schools] [Secondary Schools]


  • Form C - Personal Particulars of NETs Recruited Directly by Schools
    To be completed by both the schools and the new NETs recruited by them directly in the 2020/21 school year.
    [Primary Schools] [Secondary Schools]


Letter of Appointment

Please refer to EDB Circular Nos. 7/2013 (NET Scheme in Primary Schools) and 8/2013 (Enhanced NET Scheme in Secondary Schools) on "Letter of Appointment" for details.


Attachment C - Reply Proforma of Teachers Employed under the NET Scheme in Primary Schools / the Enhanced NET Scheme in Secondary Schools
  [Primary Schools] [Secondary Schools]




  • Letter offering Appointment 
    [Primary Schools  [Secondary Schools]


  • Sample Memorandum on the Terms and Conditions of Service for Appointment as Teachers under the NET Scheme in Primary Schools / the Enhanced NET Scheme in Secondary Schools (applicable to 2019/20 school year) 
    [Primary Schools]  [Secondary Schools]


  • Letter of Acceptance
    [Primary Schools]  [Secondary Schools]

  • Extension of Service of NETs Beyond the Retirement Age (applicable to 2019/20 school year)
    [Primary Schools]    [Secondary Schools]  


  •  Extension of Contract Period of NETs (updated on 14 June 2016)
    [Primary Schools] [Secondary Schools]

Employment Visa

Information on Application for Employment Visa


Recruitment Subsidy

A recruitment subsidy is provided for schools having opted to recruit NET directly. The maximum level of the subsidy is HK$8,000 per NET successfully recruited. For schools having conducted a recruitment exercise but are unable to recruit a suitable NET, the subsidy is capped at HK$4,000 per NET post. For details, please refer to:

Information sheet on Recruitment Subsidy

Application form for Recruitment Subsidy


Teacher Registration

Section 42 of the Education Ordinance stipulates that any person who teaches in a school has to be either a registered teacher (RT) or a permitted teacher (PT). Schools should ensure that their NETs have applied to be RTs or have applied for teaching permits for them prior to their assumption of duties. To obtain teacher registration application forms, please click here.



General appointment matters

Appointment of Temporary NET

[Primary Schools]   [Secondary Schools] 



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