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Non-Chinese Speaking Parent Information Package: Your Guide to Education in Hong Kong - Hindi e-version




Non-Chinese Speaking Parent Information Package:

Your Guide to Education in Hong Kong (Hindi Version)

Contents Guidebook Video
 Preface PDF Play/Download
 Hong Kong's Education Highlights PDF Play/Download


       (For updated information of Kindergarten education, please refer to "General Information" under the Kindergarten Profile)   
PDF Play/Download
     Primary One PDF Play/Download
     Secondary One PDF Play/Download
     Other primary and secondary school levels PDF Play/Download
     Adaptation programmes for newly arrived non-Chinese speaking children PDF Play/Download
 Finding a Suitable School Place    
     Learning in Local Kindergartens PDF Play/Download
     Education Services for Children with Special Educational Needs PDF Play/Download
     Enrolling in local ordinary schools    

        — Learning in local ordinary schools: Summer Bridging Programme and

             other school-based support programmes

PDF Play/Download
        — Pleasurable and Effective Chinese Learning PDF Play/Download
        — Caring school environment PDF Play/Download
        — Education services for students with learning difficulties PDF Play/Download
 Joining Parent-Teacher Association - Walking with Your Children PDF Play/Download
 Further and Other Study Opportunities    
     Further Study Opportunities for Secondary School Leavers PDF Play/Download
     Higher and Post-secondary Education PDF Play/Download
     Vocational Education and Other Study Opportunities PDF Play/Download
 New Initiatives    
     New Academic Structure PDF Play/Download
     Senior Secondary Applied Learning PDF Play/Download
 Information Dissemination    
     Finding School Information PDF Play/Download
     Webpage for "Education services for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students" PDF Play/Download
     Summary of Enquiry Numbers PDF  
Complete set of guidebook contents PDF  


Last revision date: 20 November 2017
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