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From the education-related perspectives such as learning effectiveness and home-school cooperation, it is advisable for parents to let their children attend schools near their homes instead of crossing the boundary.  If parents decide to arrange their children to cross the boundary to attend schools, they should first consider their children’s safety.  Parents should also consider the impacts on the learning and development of their children, which result from the long travelling to school in Hong Kong daily.  Parents should be fully aware of the operation and situation of each boundary control point (BCP) before arranging transportation for their children to cross the boundary to school every day.  Besides, parents should not let their children cross the boundary to school alone without accompanying adults. 


Same as other ordinary travellers, cross-boundary students (CBS) need to hold valid proofs of identity or travel documents to commute between Hong Kong and the Mainland via various BCPs.  Different means of public transport are provided at various BCPs.  Parents can arrange suitable means of transport for their children depending on their needs.


In consideration of the safety of students of tender age, the Government has been providing different measures to facilitate the clearance procedures and the transportation arrangements for CBS.  These measures include granting special quotas for cross-boundary school coaches (CBSC) to provide service for CBS at different BCPs, issuing Closed Area Permits, where appropriate, for CBS to take local school buses to school via Lo Wu Station Road (MTRCL Section) of Lo Wu BCP and via Lok Ma Chau Spur Line BCP, and offering ‘Cross-boundary Student e-Channels’, ‘Simplified Clearance Procedure’ and ‘On-board Clearance Service’ at some BCPs.


The traffic at most of the BCPs is already busy during the morning school starting time and afternoon school dismissal time.  The BCPs have reached their maximum handling capacity during peak hours.  Also, the handling capacity depends on the agreement between the Governments of Guangdong and Hong Kong. In view of these, the facilitating measures on transportation arrangements cannot satisfy the needs of all CBS.  Parents are thus strongly advised to arrange suitable everyday transportation to school for their children before enrolling their children in schools in Hong Kong.  They should not solely depend on the facilitating measures on transportation arrangements provided by the Government.


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