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Learning and Teaching Resources


Teachers may design relevant learning and teaching activities with reference to the following resources and adaptation to the needs of their schools and students.



 Composite Resources relating to Values Education


Learning Circle of Values Education

 School Support Partners Scheme - Learning and Teaching Resources relating to Values Education Chinese Version Only


“Life Event” Exemplars

 Learning and Teaching Resources Package on Values Education: "Choices of Life" Chinese Version Only


*  Moral Education

Road Safety Is Our Responsibility! Chinese Version Only
Cultivation of Care Begins at the Family Chinese Version Only
Moral Education – Authentic Indigenous StoriesChinese Version Only
“Handbook of Moral Education Teaching Resources” (Digital version) Chinese Version Only
Service Learning” Website Chinese Version Only
Obey the Law and be Civic-minded in Christmas and New Year Festivities Chinese Version Only

Integrity: an Important Personal Asset Chinese Version Only
Dare to Say ‘NO’Chinese Version Only
Survive the Financial Crisis with Family Cohesion Chinese Version Only
“Mine Traps on the Internet” Resources Web Chinese Version Only
Web Resources on the “Wisdom of Stephen HawkingChinese Version Only

"Anti-Gambling Resources Web” Chinese Version Only


"From Picture Books to Moral Education - How to foster students' positive values and attitudes" Library Resource ListChinese Version Only


*  Life Education

Life Education Interactive Learning Materials Chinese Version Only
Life Education Resources on an Authentic Story of Selflessness Chinese Version Only
Presentation Slides and Notes of Life Education Workshop (25.03.2010) Chinese Version Only
Life Education Resources on Facing Adversity Chinese Version Only
Series of Learning Activities on 2004 South Asian Tsunami Catastrophe Chinese Version Only
Web Resources of the Celebrity Talk Series Chinese Version Only “Conversations Inspiring our Hearts Serenely”Chinese Version Only
Learning and Teaching Resources on the Japanese Earthquake 2011 Chinese Version Only


*  National Education

National Flag, National Anthem and Regional Flag Chinese Version Only
“Inheriting the Virtues of Chinese Culture‧Fostering National Identity” Resources Web Chinese Version Only
“Web Resources on the Expo 2010 Shanghai China Chinese Version Only


*  Health Education

Emotional Health Tips 
Prevention of Student Suicides
A Holistic View to Healthy Life (Anti-smoking and Anti-drug) Chinese Version Only
A Holistic View to Healthy Life (To Prevent Bird Flu) Chinese Version Only
To Lead a Healthy Lifestyle Chinese Version Only
SARS Learning Unit: Conclusion, Review and Way Forward Chinese Version Only

"36 Tips To Keep My Eyes Healthy" Chinese Version Only


*  Series of “My Pledge to Act”

My Pledge to Act 2018 - Let’s build a harmonious society together through care and respect*

My Pledge to Act 2017 - To Live a Healthy and Green Life

My Pledge to Act 2016 - Love and Care .From Self to Others
My Pledge to Act 2015 - Love Our Home and Clean Hong Kong
My Pledge to Act 2014 - Build the Future with Our Family
My Pledge to Act 2013 - To love and Care for Our Family
My Pledge To Act 2012: To Set our Goals towards a Fruitful Life
My Pledge To Act 2011: To Get our Dream, To Set our Goal, To Live a Wonderful Life
My Pledge To Act 2010: To Show Our Care, To Uphold Our Integrity, To Pursue Our Goal Chinese Version Only
My Pledge To Act 2009: To Build a Harmonious Community through Care for Others and IntegrityChinese Version Only
My Pledge To Act 2008: To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle and Positive LifeChinese Version Only
My Pledge To Act 2007: A Healthy Lifestyle Starts with a Harmonious FamilyChinese Version Only
My Pledge To Act 2006: Respect, Care for others, To Live a Healthy Life  Chinese Version Only
My Pledge To Act 2003 to 2005: Live Hygiene, Live HealthChinese Version Only


*  Sex Education

 Sex Education Animation Resources
 Sex Education Website
Resources on Making Friends and Indecent Content on the InternetChinese Version Only
Learning and Teaching Resources on Indecent Photos on the InternetChinese Version Only



 Environmental Education:


Learning and Teaching Resources for Promotion of Sustainable Development in Hong Kong Schools Chinese Version Only

Go Green on Lamma Island’ Programme*



 Basic Law Education:


Basic Law Video Teaching Resource Package (Text Verson) * Chinese Version Only
Website of Basic Law Education Chinese Version Only




 Human Rights Education:“Understanding Human Rights” Web Resources Chinese Version Only





 Proper Attitudes in Using IT *


Avoiding Internet Trap  Chinese Version Only
Use Smartphone WiselyChinese Version Only
● Smartphone Security: Exemplar  &  PPTChinese Version Only





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