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Resources of Student Guidance and Discipline Services

  Bulletpoint  Guidance Digest Archive

      Bulletpoint  Issue 1  Chinese Only PDF(582KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 2  Chinese Only PDF(489KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 3  Chinese Only PDF(217KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 4  Chinese Only PDF(315KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 5  Chinese Only PDF(436KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 6  Chinese Only PDF(498KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 7  Chinese Only PDF(366KB)

      Bulletpoint  Special Edition  Chinese Only  PDF(287KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 8  Chinese Only PDF(358KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 9  Chinese Only PDF(644KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 10  Chinese Only PDF(300KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 11  Chinese Only PDF(668KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 12  Chinese OnlyPDF(874KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 13 Chinese OnlyPDF(419KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 14 Chinese OnlyPDF(765KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 15 Chinese OnlyPDF(1040KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 16 Chinese Version Only PDF (924KB) 

      Bulletpoint  Issue 17 Chinese Version Only  PDF(604KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 18 Chinese Version Only  PDF(974KB) 

      Bulletpoint  Issue 19 Chinese Version Only  PDF(1,150KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 20 Chinese Version Only  PDF(1,552KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 21 Chinese Version Only  PDF(920KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 22 Chinese Version Only  PDF(1,139KB)

      Bulletpoint  Issue 23 Chinese Version Only  PDF(855KB)


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