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Lecture Notes

Bulletpoint  2016/17


Bulletpoint 2016/17 Guidance and Discipline Work Parade Exchange Day for Primary and Secondary School Teachers: “Building Resilience” CHI


  Bulletpoint King's College Old Boys' Association Primary School No.2


  Bulletpoint  Maryknoll Fathers' School (Primary Section)


  Bulletpoint  Homantin Government Secondary School


  Bulletpoint  Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School


Bulletpoint  Legal Matters Relating to School Guidance and Discipline Work 2017 (2017.6.8)


  Bulletpoint  Legal Matters Seminar (Mr YIP)


  Bulletpoint  Legal Matters Seminar (Mr CHAN) CHI


  Bulletpoint  Legal Matters Seminar (Mr CHOW) CHI


Bulletpoint  3rd SGT/O/P networking meeting (2017.5.5) CHI


  Bulletpoint  Sharing by School


       1. Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Primary School


       2. PLK Stanley Ho Sau Nan Primary School


Bulletpoint  Seminar on Comprehensive Student Guidance Service in Primary Schools: "Positive" Home School Synergy---Children and "I" (2017.4.28) CHI


  Bulletpoint  Parent Support--Nurturing a Positive Child


  Bulletpoint  Flourishing Kids--Practical Strategies for Teachers


Bulletpoint  Nip It in the Bud: Seminar on School Adjustment and Crisis Prevention (2017.2.17) CHI


  Bulletpoint  S.1 Resilience Enhancement Bridging Programme - Pak Kau College


  Bulletpoint  Suicide Crises' Assessment and Intervention - Mr HO Wing-hung, Suicide Crisis Intervention Centre, the Samaritan Befriender Hong Kong


Bulletpoint  Seminar on Identification and Intervention for the Student Affected by Domestic Violence (2017.1.20) CHI


  Bulletpoint  Early Identification and intervention for students and their family affected by domestic violence


  Bulletpoint  Working with refuge centres for women


Bulletpoint  2nd SGT/O/P networking meeting (2017.1.11) CHI

  Bulletpoint  Sharing by Unison

  Bulletpoint  Sharing by School


Bulletpoint  Seminar for Teachers on “Effective Communication with Difficult Parents” (2016.12.13) CHI


Bulletpoint  Seminar on Adversity Quotient & Resilience Enhancement (2016.12.9)

  Bulletpoint  On the Same Resilient Path - HKTA the Yuen Yuen Institute No.1 Secondary School CHI

  Bulletpoint  Growing Hand in Hand with Resilience - Dr William CHUI


Bulletpoint Seminar on Early Identification, Prevention and Intervention for the Student Affected by Child Abuse (2016.11.30) CHI


  Bulletpoint  The identification and intervention of child abuse cases


  Bulletpoint  The psychological and developmental impact


  Bulletpoint  School's preventive measures and the coopertion between social workers and teachers for child abuse cases


Bulletpoint  Seminar for Teachers on “Emotional First Aid in Supporting Students with Emotional Disturbance and Behavioural Problems” (2016.11.11) CHI


Bulletpoint  Seminar on Comprehensive Student Guidance Service: Supervision and Management (2016.10.25) CHI


  Bulletpoint  Multi-Dimensions School-Based Supervision on Student Guidance Service


  Bulletpoint  Comprehensive Supportive Supervision on Student Guidance Service by NGO


Bulletpoint  Seminar for Teachers on “Supporting Students in Dealing With Stress in Love Relationship” (2016.10.19) CHI

  Bulletpoint  "How to share love-related topics with students?" - The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups


  Bulletpoint  "Love education - Understanding myself and friendship to start with" - Kwong Ming Ying Loi School

  Bulletpoint  "Love education - Teachers as companion in student development" - De La Salle Secondary School NT


  Bulletpoint  "Summary and Resource references"


Bulletpoint  1st SGT/O/P Networking Meeting (2016.10.6) CHI


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